Short story: I am Emma Thea Hoop and I am an industrial designer by training currently living, working, and learning in Atlanta, Georgia.

Long story: I began writing this in August, 2008 when I started my third year of design studio classes. Fast forward two years, and I’m still writing.

It has grown from chronicling my studio projects to more of a general collection of thoughts on all things creative. Like most blogs, this is a personal blog about my life, my projects, my inspiration, and my (*gasp*) feelings. I post all sorts of things like: mood boards, precedents, awe-inspiring designs, music to get me in the design mood, and my current projects and chosen solutions. Other recent topics of interest include: interior design, illustrations, color theory, art history and anthropology, earth science, graphic design, packaging, and sweaters.

My name is Emma Thea Hoop.

Some day I will be a real designer.

Right now, I am still in school. I’ll be graduating in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at Georgia Tech. (And now you have enough information to either stalk me or hire me! Cool, huh?)

What is industrial design?

‘Industrial design’ is sort of a blanket term for people that design products – specifically products that will be mass produced at some level (i.e. not hand-made runs of 10 objects). We’re more than artists; we’re problem solvers that add a layer of function to beautiful things. By making one object – say a coffee maker – we could be influencing the lives of thousands of people when they first wake up in the morning! Design is something I’m passionate about because it requires some of my favorite activities – problem solving, critical thinking, strategy, and creation.

“‘Design’ has so many levels of meaning that it is itself a source of confusion. It is rather like the word ‘love’, the meaning of which radically shifts dependent upon who is using it, to whom it is applied, and in what context.” (Heskett, J. (2005) ‘DESIGN A Very Short Introduction’)

Why ‘Marvelous Thoughts’?

Because I create marvelous things, and these are my marvelous thoughts about them. I prefer amazing artifacts, wonderful objects, and interesting products (or at least I certainly think so). Having to blend functionality with whimsy and fun is one of my favorite challenges of the design process.

Drop me a note:
emmathea (at) gmail (dot)

Things I Can Do:
basic prototyping
brainstorming & ideation
strategy & problem solving
printed stuff

{Although my ideas are freely put here, please respect me and my work. Please do not reproduce, distribute, or adapt any of my work without my consent and credit. Emma Thea Hoop © works 2008-2010}

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    Greetings! First time looking at your blog, looks awesome.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

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