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Light Inspirations.

Let there be light.

Our first project of our senior year studio is to design a lighting device that uses “modern, low-energy lighting technology” and is able to be manufactured [i.e. the first lamp is a working prototype to be refined for mass production]. We’ll be showing things off at a grand Lighting Show Monday, September 14th (it’s only a four week project).

I have a (possibly) differing approach to this project than other people…? I’ve come up with three basic concepts that I want to explore and research, realizing that the actual technology involved will drive most of my design.

My ideas are as follows:
1. Some sort of neat kinetic-charging study light for countries that rely on the sun’s light & need a sort of self-powering device for study/work/night-time-living-with-light
2. An ambient desk light with a photo sensor [read: that thing in night lights that know when it’s getting darker in the house & slowly light up] to avoid that awkward feeling of “I’ve been working all day & night and I’m feeling jolted by how suddenly dark it is!” -> could probably also work as house lighting device in general (saves light & energy output by self-dimming)
3. A light ‘module’ that can be molded together to serve as a table light, floor lamp, stick on a wall, stick to the ceiling -> a new take on an “all purpose” light [reminiscent of LED stickies that people do urban light graffiti with]

I don’t really feel very electronically educated to know how to do this project, but I’m excited none-the-less.

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