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on the first day in NYC!

Whoa! We’re in New York City!
Brooklyn, to be exact, using the free wireless in the Holiday Inn Express.
Crush + Lovely got us involved in some awesomely-super-secret taste-testing video-taking; they gave us a new beverage to try, that hasn’t been released yet AND seems to be the first of it’s kind, and then asked us to explain the feeling/experience it “kind of tastes like” on camera.

Smart design probably wins in the category of “BEST FREAKING OFFICE SPACE IN THE WORLD” – their view is BEAUTIFUL and they have a pretty killer prototyping/shop space. Their approach of making working prototypes so soon is dead on; I really like the fact that they sort of chop stuff up as long as it works.

Curve ID is so cool! They’re all sooo talented at sketching, and they can use Wacom tablets way better than your Mom. Their creative line, Mint Inc., did the “hug” salt and pepper shakers that our grade is so familiar with from that project from sophomore year.

We’ve all showered, and updated the internetz, and now we’re heading out for dinner.
The drive went well; we were a little behind schedule all day, but it all worked out.
Everyone seemed to sleep pretty well at night, and now we’re decently settled in to the hotel.
So far, so wonderfully good!
I’m trying to stay mobile-up-to-date via twitter and tumblr.
The live-blog’s been updated, even from the bus!


Ed Jewell, a ninja hero at Danger Press, cranked out some ATLtoNYC.comshirts for us a mere 29 hours before the trip kicks off!!

Another huge THANK YOU to all of our sponsors – the response has been so overwhelming and encouraging.

You can keep up with us on our live blog spot on the site; we’ll be posting frequently with the free wi-fi at the hotel (yes, I asked).

We leave at 5:30 pm tomorrow! ATLtoNYC . com is ON!
Thanks again!

on project 3 and epic cross-country trips kicks off tomorrow late afternoon! Today we mostly talked about trip details and questions, etc.
I’m pretty excited! I just looked up some information on Crush +  Lovely, our first studio tour on Wednesday, and the store Future Perfect. Crush + Lovely, formerly Boom Design Group, does interwebz work which should be really fun – their studio looks pretty chill. And they like dancing, and I like dancing so that seems like a fun pairing 🙂
The Future Perfect store will probably make me cringe with joy because of all the lovely, unique things inside of it that I have no chance in hell of ever being able to purchase until I am 50 and live in a house.

Project 3 is a group project focusing on workspaces; my group is attempting to do observational research at banks but I feel like that’s dangerous ? So we may have to re-focus. We have a lot of research time to put in, but we’re going to be gone to NYC. So hey, NYC banks! Fun! From what I remember about the beginning brief of this project is that we’ll be spending more time actually creating full-scale things, which should be very awesome.

I think I’m a smidgen jet-lagged from being in Italy all week, SO sleeping on the Comfortivity bus should be an interesting experience, too. What makes me most excited about this trip is how well our studio gets along! Or gets along now, before a lot of time being confined to small spaces together. I know this trip will be fantastic, I just wish I had an extra day to clean up around my apartment and settle on my couch before I pick up and leave again, but alas, such is my life [joke. I am totally stoked to be able to go to Italy, NYC, and New Orleans all in one year (would have been better spaced out over three months, instead of all in one, but how can I truly complain?!)!!]

Spring is here, everyone is moving and shaking and the grass is green again. Seems a lot of people are doing a lot of changing and migrating right now; hope we all stay safe and happy as the end of this school year comes to a close, and I come *thatmuch* closer to my senior year of studio.

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on Flashdance + metal + Kleenex = work

“I welded. I am Flashdance.” –  Sarah Melgen

David took us on an off-campus adventure today [after our on-campus adventure filming another AWESOME video for ATL to] and we visited one of his friend-business-partner-buddy-guy’s studio, complete with metal working machines. I’m really proud of myself for cutting metal on both a bandsaw, cold saw, then sanding the pieces down, then welding them together, THEN grinding them!! We didn’t have time to make something in particular, but the experience of welding at all was pretty impressive. I wish I worked with metal more, and since I really enjoyed working with metal for the lamp project sophomore year, I feel like I should.
I’m busy working on my typography project right now.  Early on I had the concept of working with a typewriter, but of course, night before, I’m still stuck on – “WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS?!@@%tw^es&$g$fq##wasn&%s*&*e%m(ee(m”
Back to the drawing board with this project, then. I need to CONTINUE experimenting with what I can type on [I already found some interesting alternative -> Kleenex? Who knew!], but I’d really like to type on some sort of fabric if I could. The poem itself is LADEN with metaphors, so it drives me insane that I’m not able to find just ONE to go with.
One paper, one project, some laundry to do and then I am OFF TO ITALY.
Let’s go.

on typography progress

Geesh, I refuse to EVER get that far behind in studio ever again. I felt like I was literally trapped in a giant, black box of designer’s block.
I still never know if SolidWorks is on the verge of collapsing from rendering and allowing the world to implode, or if it’s simply rendering?
In other school-but-not-studio-related news, I’m really stoked about my typography module final this week. David let me borrow his typewriter, so I’ve been playing with that to type out the poem “Splash” by Charles Bukowski. I like being able to use such an honest, archaic tool to write something so well, rude, ironic and filled with metaphors about the whole poem being so much MORE than a poem. I need to translate the written words to something beyond 2D though, so I still have to work on that – but I have some good ideas involving video/sound/fire, etc. I hope, if I do enough process, that I can throw this into the end of a portfolio in a sort of “oh yeah, here’s this extra stuff I’m also awesome at” part. David suggested I do that with my lamp that was in MODA because there really isn’t enough process on that particular project to put it in my actual portfolio pages. I’m hoping to get a porfolio, or at least a work sample of sorts, done for IDSA conference April 3rd-5th (sort of important since I’m IDSA pres-elect and all, right? yeah.)


on Google-ing oneself, on accident

Hmm, awesome or awful that I googled “average hand span age 6-9”, and the blog post I wrote a mere few hours ago was the first hit??!

I only have the average hand span for boys and girls ages 8 and 9 thus far (from Canada, no less. Wonder how differently they grow at a different place?) , and was hoping to find the other two age groups :-/

Oh well. I’m working on laser-cutting some handle study models, and managed to make a small divot in my hand while epoxying. Behold, the wonders of making things!

on how it’s crunch weeeeeeek

I have been down. I have been out. But I’m back nowwwww!
Ok, in all seriousness, I’ve been lame, I’ve been tired, I’ve been sick and unmotivated and procrastinating because I’m behind – which only puts me further and further behind.
However, this week is crunch week and there’s so much to do, it makes me feel like I could pick up a mountain or something because it is business timeeeeeee. And I’ve got to get down to it.
I guess the only singular comforting thing about being slightly behind is knowing that getting the concept right, even if the deliverables aren’t all that, is the most important part of a project. Especially because there’s always opportunity to re-do projects for portfolio, but it’s worth the presentation to have your project concept well developed and concise.

I’m making progress on everything involved in this project at the moment. I’m going to lathe today after lunch to get the curves of my form figured out, because I want to transpose the same form from the pasta extruder to the peeler and the ice cream maker. I’m researching portions and serving sizes to see if those can drive my product proportions better, as well as the hand-span of children in my age range so that they can actually hold and use the products I’m making. I’m hoping to 3D print the pasta extruder because I think it’s important to see the screw-threaded interaction points, and having a solid lump of sine foam wouldn’t quite cut it (for me personally) – which means that I need to get into SolidWorks and get everything done ASAP. I’m almost done making the handle that will be used in all three products; it’s a nice blend of geometric shapes (squares, triangles, circles) that are really aesthetically interesting.

I’m currently having problems determining how much serving sizes/portions should drive my product proportions. I feel like using serving sizes literally would drive the ‘health’ point home, but I’m concerned that sticking so closely to them might cause some gross products…? Or some awkward proportions, since an average family size is 4, but I like multiples of 3 and children’s hands are so small. Hmm.
Materials are pretty much already determined, I’m just figuring out details from already-existing products [i.e. how much space allowance around a pint-sized canister of ice cream is needed for salt and coolant substances in a hand-cranked ice cream maker?]. But I’m excited, or running off of adrenaline, either/or and I’m getting on to stuff that I wouldn’t be so ashamed to claim.

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