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Planetary: Rockin’

Carly Waito does these amazing small-ish oil paintings of mineral specimens. They’re all about 5″ x 7″, done with oil on masonite. From her website,

“Her meticulously detailed renderings of mineral specimens draw the viewer in, encouraging close inspection of the material qualities of the subjects. They explore the common impulse to possess pieces of the natural world which we find beautiful or curious and to assign complex layers of value to these objects based on a range of factors, such as rarity, historical context, personal memories, scientific significance, and subjective notions of beauty. They are an extension of her interest in natural history, collecting, curiosity, wonder, and the appeal of small things.”


Her paintings are so beautiful! If you want me to, I could use my mineral-and-rock-identification knowledge and tell you about their luster, etc.
So for the credit – I originally came across these images while browsing through the blog a desert fete (new favorite blog to browse; really enjoying desert day-dreams right now). Carly’s paintings also appeared on the artsy ‘but does it float?’


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Work, work, work

Just wanted to do another little round-up of what I’ve been working on lately! I’ve been playing around and learning a lot in Illustrator. These different beard variations use different settings and graphic styles to create very different end-results. I’m still sort of leaning towards the original design, but it is fun to try new things.

Emma Thea Hoop - so square!

I’m almost always trying different ways of representing myself. I made this ‘original’ typeface with rectangles and repetition. I really like how square and organized the margins are between all the main letters, while the E, T and H are all different in the front. I’m not 100% pleased with this, though; more of an experiment.

VIM logo variations

Vim logo variations for different applications – black and white, reversed black and white, a gray-scale and, last but not least, the full-color. The simple black and white (and reverse version) are okay, but not super dynamic. I need to up the contrast and adjust the lines around a little more to get across the same detail as the color and gray-scale versions. I still have SO. MUCH. WORK. left to do before I’m satisfied with this particular branding package. There’s so much important detailing that goes into making a website LOOK like a real website, even when it’s just a mock-up!!

Well, that’s just a small, quick update from here! I decorated my home over the weekend for Halloween, and it looks lovely! There’s SO MUCH you can do with just a simple pack of colored paper. I’ll try to remember to post some pictures for proof 🙂

Hope your week is going well; I’m exhausted and going to bed!


Creating Color: Cyan and Friends

[from top to bottom hex code #s: #008CBF, #AFA498, #03314C, #B81E47, #710F17]

The bright blue in this room is practically cyan, and I am fine with that! I love the balance and contrast found in the shades of blue used in this room. The bright red couch is a really bold choice, but it looks so lovely in the space. I think the elegant, patterned wall paper really neutralizes the space with it’s beige background and blue pattern. What a wonderful overall effect! Now I’m green with envy wishing I had a more exotic couch color.


(picture from LivingEtc)

Halloween is Near!

Halloween is roughly a week away, so I thought I’d round up all of my favorite Halloween decorating ideas from the Internetz and present them here for you! I am one of those people that likes rather macabre, creepy-cool things all year round (like anatomy charts and taxidermied anything) so IF I’m going to buy or make something for Halloween, I probably want it to be something I wouldn’t mind having around my house forever. I also think that if your Halloween decorations can do some double duty for your fall/Thanksgiving decor – then they’re even better!

Branches – are (usually) free! You can find some wonderful, knobbly branches in your own neighborhood or backyard. But how to style them? Let me count the ways!
You can spray paint, glitter-ize, or even add some little fall-colored pom poms for some home-made pussy willow branches (or even some ‘bittersweet’ branches).

1. pussy willow branches 2. branch centerpiece 3. bittersweet

1. Betz White pussy willow branches 2. EAD branch centerpiece 3. Bittersweet

Paper Crafts – there’s so many easy things you can do with some simple black or orange construction paper! How about decorating all the art in your home, and giving them Halloween masks? What about some adorable bat or spider bunting for your doorways? Or maybe some flying bats to greet you at your front door? Country Living has an amazing gallery of some cheap-o paper crafts!

paper craft ideas from Country Living

Lanterns – beautiful and practical in the fall when it gets dark earlier at night. Lanterns can be made out of things you have around the house, like milk jugs or paper bags.

1. spirit jugs 2. paper bag lanterns 3. skull light

1. FamilyFun ‘spirit jugs’ 2. Design* Sponge paper bag lanterns 3. Martha Stewart papier-mache skull light

Terrariums – are a really big knick-knack trend this year, and you can easily adapt this to make spooky miniature scenes or even pretend specimen jars of creepy-crawlies and animals. Glass cloches and apothecary jars are easy to find at craft stores and decor stores like Micheal’s and TJ Maxx.

1. jar terrariums 2. cloche 2. apothecary jars

1. Country Living jar terrariums 2.Pottery Barn cloche 2. Martha Stewart ‘potion display’

And finally, last but not least, RAVENS! Feathered ravens are available at almost any store you can think of – from the Dollar Store to CB2 and Pottery Barn. They come in different sizes, and some have positionable wings. I think that they’re perfectly creepy-cute and I’m excited to get some for my house!

caw caw!

1. no source 2. Pottery Barn crow 3. Halloween house tour from Apartment Therapy

I’ll let you know if I end up doing any of these crafts! Enjoy your weekend!


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Planetary: Loyal Loot Log Bowls

What a title, eh? Loyal Loot Collective is a collaboration of four different, talented designers. My very most favorite of their products is their beautiful log bowls.

Look at all those vibrant colors! And all that wonderful, makes-me-wanna-touch-it bark texture left au naturel on the sides!

The bowls vary in height and diameter (from 2 – 10 inches), and they’re hand selected and turned from reclaimed wood (hooooray being green!). Surprisingly, they aren’t terribly expensive; I’ve seen them listed for anywhere from $34 – $100 to $60 – $120. I think that they look great in a grouping, as shown, on a mantle or shelf – or maybe even hung on a wall!


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New Endeavor

Another new endeavor?! What? Yes! I had another brilliant idea today, and so I’m going with it. I read this post this morning and felt inspired (re-invigorated, jazzed, caffeinated, you get the drift). I’ve done 365 photography projects in the past, but they usually fizzle out when I get too busy with other things (school, homework, designin’). So now I’m going to do a 365 “creative” project – simply making something every single day! My goal is to spend about 30 minutes to an hour max to simply make (new) stuff . The first project is posted up here on a new tumblr-log for viewing pleasure. I’ll be adding to it every day.

For today’s thing I used this tutorial as a guide to make a simple (yet stunning, right?) rainbow path. Then I fiddled with some transparency and brush settings and TA-DA! Pretty thing!

rainbow path

I think these Spirograph graphics could be easily transformed into really amazing space-themed things. Being able to inspire yourself with your own work is an interesting feeling.

Hope you’re just as excited and productive as me this week!


What I’ve Been Up To

This weekend was my ‘fall break’; a little mini-holiday from school. I’ll be returning to classes tomorrow, and back to more in-depth posts (apologies, apologies).
I’ve been on ‘vacay’ – but I’ve still been busy!
Things I did this weekend:

  • Added to this blog/website! The ‘home’ page is now a static ‘welcome’ page, and all of the blog content is under ‘Blog’
  • Added a contact form to the ‘Contact’ page! So great! You can try it out here.
  • Worked diligently on my 2011 ‘brand’ – i.e. what all of my different output will look like for next year (business cards, logos, favicons, text, etc. etc.) (Scroll down for the new color palette)
  • Started to re-work some old projects for my portfolio (the Vim project is first on the list for new additions)
  • Practiced some new Illustrator skills (like this and all of these)
  • Got a flat tire fixed
  • Bought a wig for my Halloween costume; I’m going to be an Egyptian!
  • Organized files on my computer (very therapeutic)
  • Started watching season #4 of Dexter

Emma Thea Hoop 2k11 color palette

Pretty, right? I’m trying to use more bold and ‘lively’ colors for the new year. And I’m leaning in a much simpler and geometric direction.

new Vim logo - much improved!

So fluid! So full of motion! So much improved over the first ‘final’ logo idea!
I think this insinuates ‘motion’ and ‘bicycles’ and the ‘brand message’ much much much better than the original. I also plan to make a lot of website improvements, add on some interesting and fun new features (customizable page for bags, galleries and other cool built-in functionality). I also want to (at least) think about point of purchase display for stores and how/what the packaging and tags and tissue paper and what-have-you would be needed for shipped products from the online store.


Creating Color: Orange and Gray

[from top to bottom hex code #s: #DB6F27, #D6D5C9, #A4B1C0, #7A7C79, #EEEA8B]

Grey is a really beautiful neutral because it can have so many different colored undertones. I’ve featured a lot of greys so far that have blue undertones, resulting in a sort of undefined lavendar-grey situation. I’m not surprised – my favorite color is blue, so it seems logical I would be drawn to bluey-greys. The grey in my living room is actually more of a strange purple color than a ‘grey’.

The purpley-bluey-greys compliment the BRIGHT pop of orange in this picture beautifully. ALSO, not surprising since blue and orange are complimentary colors – meaning they’re opposite each other on the color wheel.

I can see this color palette as being really useful for website development or print layouts because of the variety of bright, stand-out colors and the subtle changes in neutrals. Also, I want to paint my door.

Happy coloring!


(picture from Apartment Therapy)

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Planetary: Jim Denevan

What’s more ‘planetary’ than a guy that makes Earthworks art?

Jim Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand
earth and ice that are eventually erased by
waves and weather.

Amazing photography! You can scroll through his galleries and click on the ‘explanation’ links at the top for more in-depth information about his individual works. All photos from this post are his, btw.


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Still Working On…Alphabet Cards

Remember the alphabet cards from this post and the inspiration for the entire project from this post? Of course you do! I just wanted to give a little status update; I’m still working, but 26 letters feels like a lot. So far I’ve completed A, D, I, O and S. Here’s A:

Beautiful, right? I even 'shaded' this bad boy! Look at those screws!

The main issue I’m running into isn’t making the ‘letters’ but deciding what size card and what orientation to choose. It seems that the alphabet will be split half horizontal and half vertical orientation, so I’ve been toying with the idea of doing squares instead of a rectangle in one obvious orientation.

A + O - are squares going to reign supreme?

I also bought a rounded corner punch from Micheal’s on sale for $7. What a steal!

new, fantastic rounded corner punch

It’s out of this world! (Get it? Yeah, you do.)

So, as my newly accomplished letter cards spell – A-D-I-O-S!
More to come, as always.


ps. Apparently my t-shirt submission did not win fame, glory, and the opportunity to be on 150 different student bodies. Alas! I guess I’ll have to seek fame from something besides iDSA 😦

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