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on the changing of seasons

Now that summer school is over, I’m faced with the reality that fall classes are rapidly approaching and I’m staring my fourth year of college in the face. I’m also faced with the seemingly giant task of trying to comprehend what it is that I would like to do – what I’d like to try and focus on for this year and for the beginning of my ‘design career’. I’m rather excited to take a woodworking class this coming semester because I’m a huge fan of home furnishings and home decor, and I’d like to learn how to work with wood better in hopes of perhaps taking the furniture studio in the spring semester. I would also really like to learn more about photography because it’s something that I’m interested in, but don’t feel very educated or talented without much practice or instruction. And finally, I know that I need to brand myself as a designer via graphics, etc. [streamlined icon, typeface, colors, patterns…] so that I can present myself on the internet in an organized, unified manner.

As excited as I am for the challenges and growth this coming year is sure to present me with, I am also afraid that the things I want to do or enjoy are too seemingly “designerly cliche” (furniture and photography? Who doesn’t call themselves a photographer these days?!). Unfortunately [at least in my opinion], it seems as though I am reasonably OK at most things – but never exactly gifted at any one thing. I’m nervous that I’m not very marketable or desirable as a designer because I’m so “general”, but not specifically talented; that I can’t serve any specific purpose in a firm or be the Go-To-Person for anyone.
There’s always grad school, though, right?

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