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Trying to wrap my head around…

WHY the ‘swoosh’ symbol for Nike has meaning, while “swooshes” used for other sports brands do not…? Like, why does Nike get to be the swoosh? Doe a swoosh mean much of anything? No. But it’s been that way for 30 years – more years than I have been alive. So is that what makes it recognizable, that it’s just been around forever?

I struggle so hard with this 😦

Art Education: PREHISTORY

Today’s art history lecture started at the very beginning of ART! We went through the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic art movements (more like ‘artifacts from these different cultures’). Very interesting stuff! We were exposed to many round women fertility fetishes, cave paintings of animals and spotted horses, and some stone megaliths at Stonehenge. All in all, a quick jump through time and an interesting dip into cultural history. This is the first time that this class has truly felt more like a ‘cultural understanding of the world through art, time, and history’ than before, which I think is sort of why we’re required to take it.

My favorite ‘piece’ from today is the “Landscape with volcanic eruption” from the seventh level at Catal Hoyuk, carbon-dated to 6150 BC. The piece is really a carving on a rock wall, but what is beautiful and interesting to me is the painting representation of the relief. This carving of the possible eruption of the neighboring Hasan Dag volcano was considered ‘totemic’ because the ritual performed in the act of carving it would be the part providing the “magical protection” to the city. It is also a good example of a ‘composite’ piece – combining a perspective view and a frontal view of the volcano in one landscape representation.

'Landscape with volcanic eruption' is both the first landscape in history and a map to Catal Hoyuk

All of the cave paintings and sculptures are very cool and worth looking at. Check out Lascaux Caves, Pech-Merle Caves, Le Tue d’Audoubert Caves (the two clay bison), and the ‘Deer Hunt’ wall paintings from Catal Hoyuk.

Seeking Employment

of the part-time/internship variety.

So, if for some reason you, or anyone you know, is thinking “Hmm, I have this creative part time job/internship and no one to fill it…” – you can now think “OH! I have a part time job/internship that requires someone creative and I can’t wait for EMMA THEA HOOP to fill this void!”

I have ample time in my measly school schedule this semester, and I also have a lot of drive and enthusiasm – a very win-win combination for anyone needing to hire someone like me!

I have already filled out two applications and returned them with no responses as of yet (well, no real responses; I recieved one addressed to someone else RAVING about her enthusiasm and talent – which I have plenty of. Too bad my name isn’t also ‘Christine’!)

Please and thanks. And seriously.

Love forever,
Emma Thea Hoop

Another Semester, Another Schedule

I love the first few days of the fall semester of school. So many new faces, and new classrooms to walk to with crisp, new subjects. The first few days are so fun! And lighthearted! And most of the time you don’t even have to sit in class the whole time! It’s wonderful, and exciting.

With a new school schedule, that means a new schedule of themes to post about! Also wonderful and exciting!
Using this blog to record ideas and inspirations about what I’m doing, as well as topics I’m studying, helps me to get more out of what I’m doing. It’s always nice to have a record – to look back and think, “Wow! I’ve done so much!” And it’s always a fun, creative challenge to relate what I’m learning in classes to what I care about in the ‘long run’ – i.e. DESIGN!

I’m taking four classes this semester, and I think that they’re applications in ‘creative’ fields are incredibly useful.

So, the new schedule is as follows:
Monday – Color Theory
(class topics, photographs of our in-class assignments and out-of-class assignments for the week)

Tuesday – Art History
(a review of the movement/style that we reviewed in class, and my favorite piece(s) from the day)

Wednesday – Math + Design
(a series curated by yours truly about the practical, and vital, applications of math in design – like The Golden Ratio, grids, rule of thirds, geometry, sine wave/wave patterns, etc.)

Thursday – Art History and Earth Science Inspiration
(the same style as Tuesday’s content + a series of posts with content inspired by Earth and Atmospheric sciences – most likely including topics from class (think: minerals/rocks/clouds/tectonic plates) with product designs that match the topics)(this might also include architecture/building construction-related posts)

Friday – Graphic Design
(a look at graphic design principles and personal experiments utilizing them (like, mixing font exercises, doing different layouts based on different ideas like hierarchy vs. proximity) – mostly a personal experiment I would like to try out)

Saturday – Interactive Design or Sketching?
(another personal experiment I’d like to try out – either research about interactive design/psychology OR sketching -> sketching seems like a more practical skill to continue learning, while interactive design sounds like an exciting thing to do research about!)

Sunday – Haus Therapy
(anything house related that I’m into – decorating ideas, DIY project inspiration, pictures, tips, etc. -> mostly a personal summary of pictures and posts I like from more famous design blogs with a mixture of things I’m doing around my own house and things I buy for $10 or less at the thrift store!)

So! That’s the proposed schedule for now. I’ll probably try to start posting things with this schedule beginning Wednesday, and see how things go over the weekend, etc. and into next week – especially because a lot of classes are still at the ‘introductory’ phase and not a lot, if any, content has been presented yet.
And as a final note, I’m seeking a part-time job/internship/creative endeavor of any kind for my morning hours – so if you know of anything, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I’m very seriously looking for a part-time position in almost any creative field that will have me 🙂 I am nice, funny, hard working, interesting, a little worldly (and wordy, clearly), enthusiastic, and intent on doing creative work!

Apologies, Apologies

A quick life update (I’m still alive!):
I apologize for my lack of posting. It truly has been way too long! To be honest, I feel like the Apartment Therapy book sort of bogged me down a lot. I think that the first few weeks took it WAY too easy, and then all of a sudden assignments went from one item per category to five or more – not exactly a smooth transition for me. I’ve been doing my best to take ideas from the book and apply them to my home anyway, and so far I think everyone here is pretty pleased with the results. ((I’ll get some pictures up some time soon – I took some really, horrible and gross “before” pictures without tidying to really show what the before is like! Ick!))
As for the rest of life, I’m heading into the uber busy part of classes right before finals with one test tomorrow, one Friday, papers and all sorts of things due next week and then finals the Monday and Tuesday following! Whoa!
I’m thankful for the house DIY decor projects to keep me busy and half-way “designery”. I’m working on a small project for my closet window – making a faux ‘stained glass’ panel from some vellum scraps and some left-over poster board. I know it’s going to look positively wonderful when it’s done 🙂 I’ll post some pictures of it once I truly get down to it; so far I’ve only done some prelim testing of materials on vellum (acrylic paint, Sharpie markers, watercolors, colored pencil).

Week 2 Progress

1. Fix one thing in the apartment from the list of repairs ourselves
(mounting the doorbell ringer and taking off the Pur water filter attached to the kitchen sink that doesn’t work 100% efficiently)
2. Clean the kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food
3. Buy a water filter and use it (got out the old Pur pitcher and filled it up!)

1. Run your hands over every wall in your apartment
2. Clear space for an ‘Outbox’ (the corner in the ‘office’ because it’s out-of-the-way-enough)
3. Clear one surface using the ‘Outbox’ (cleared off the little cafe table in the living room)

1. Buy fresh flowers (got two small bouquets on sale – so two for $5 sunshiney yellow and white flowers)
2. Determine your style (according to the book I am “modern: contemporary” which is a ‘catchall’ for people that can’t decide on one modern movement, but I think that I am more ‘Scandinavian with and American Grandmother’ because I like a lot of bright, birch wood grain and white stuff, but also a little vintage-treasure-finds, too – PLUS I like almost all of the industrial design classics like the egg chair, tulip chair, etc. etc. etc.)

1. Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home (planning on making an Alfredo pizza with spinach tonight)
2. Choose the date for your housewarming party ((August 6th, Friday night of summer finals week))
(“graduation” from the cure, at the end of the whole eight weeks)

And the One-Room Remedy:
1. Decided what activities you want in your room & where they will go
2. Buy, borrow, or make a floor plan tool
3. Map out the room that bothers you most and work out a solution
4. Name your vision
5. Build a shopping list

I’m also starting on the FlyLady ‘Beginner Baby Steps’ – tonight is #1 and I’m supposed to shine my sink before I go to bed.

Interior Designer? I wish!

To be honest, I haven’t been doing anything design related for portfolio or otherwise (I did doodle a penguin/puffin-type bird out of geometric shapes in my notebook yesterday during class, but that hardly counts). I realized that during my one week off between classes that I was spending all of my time on the computer with the Adobe Creative suite open, instead of “enjoying free time”. Part of my problem, I’m starting to think, is that I love design so much that it’s hard for me to define when I’m trying to make something ‘for work’ instead of ‘for fun’. Doesn’t really matter all too much since I’ve been relatively busy with classes instead – ‘ordinary’ classes, which is a little surreal sometimes. Out of the four classes I’m taking – two are easy and two are hard. Two I just show up for and sit there, and two require daily homework/practice/review/etc.

It is insane to think that we are done with one week of school, so that there are only 10 left. Oh my!

Back to designer-y things: I feel almost obsessed at times to come up with ‘the perfect’ things – the perfect grouping of colors, the perfect grouping of graphic elements (stripes, antlers, etc.), the PERFECT symbol to ‘represent me’. It’s been so stressed to be cohesive across all elements and to ‘brand oneself’ that I always feel like I am striving for the perfect visual representation of myself. But what if someone hates green? And stripes? AND antlers? Ah. Design life is so hard! I go back and forth between trying to find neutral things that everyone could potentially like and also ‘things that express myself well’. It is difficult to try and be cutesy and professional and edgy and all-around appealing. Plus I could never be ‘traditional’! Pfft! (sligh sarcasm there, y’all)

Finally, getting to the subject matter of the title of this post – I have been tirelessly trying to decorate/clean/organize the house! I feel so sad that it’s still in the crazy state that it is. The real reason for my frustration is the large amount of items from Ikea that are all approximately the same height, color, and fake birch veneer – making everything sort of bland. I wish that I had more carefully selected ‘exotic’ or ‘eclectic’ pieces. And I am trying to decorate without having to buy anything – at all (although I really do need curtains in some places).
I just don’t have any money in my monthly budget (to pay for haircuts or guinea pig food) to try to buy extra things for the house. I also can’t/don’t want to work right now when I really need to/want to spend all my time focusing on school.

Back to School

Started back to another semester of classes at Tech today! Woo! 14 hours over the summer is going to be an interesting experience to say the least. I have to get used to the schedule and stuff, but I don’t really have any time since we’re already getting into everything – especially lab on Wednesday already!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve said it like 304 times already but – I want to use my free time this summer to continue design work and possibly *gasp* have fun via painting and photography or whatever. I just struggle with inspiration – the start to a project. The initial spark, the problem to solve. I’ll spend hours thinking of things I could be doing instead of having something to do. So, before I lose my motivation, I’m going to try and play around with ink, paint, and other art materials and work on the Converse stuff a little bit…

Sorry this was quick and disjointed, I’m just afraid to lose momentum!

Hey! May!

This month I’ll be working on finishing two projects – VIM bikebag website and all the things that go with that, and re-doing the Converse promotional products and posters. I’ve been working on both of these projects lately – and especially this past week – for my independent study (did a lot, but still have a lot to do for my own standards, ya know how it is). So cool! I guess for now I’m going to try splitting my month in two, and focus on one project at a time. This shall be my trial run to see if splitting each month into two two-week sessions is better than sharing projects the whole month! I’m excited to finish up the ‘website’ I started for the VIM brand since I still have the DIY bag section to finish out -> this is all finishing/re-working/whatever the ‘Give Me 3’ bag that I worked on with Chris and Allison for the final project of fall semester of junior year. I’ll try to share tidbits of the project as I go along!

brand website for imaginary company of bike-bags = VIM

Another Season

I’m finished with another semester of school, with a week of free time before I return to summer school. Although this sounds horrible, I am actually insanely excited. I’m (sort of) on the homestretch to graduation (soonish)! I just looked up the commencement schedule for December and I’ll be graduating around December 18th which is close to my birthday – a lovely present to have while I’m still 21 and still during the school year of 2010 (so it SEEMS like I’m still a 2010 graduate)!
Now that I won’t be having a scheduled studio class, I have time to work on projects to prepare for graduation and a job search.

Right now, as I sit on the couch in the comfort of my home, I feel thrilled and excited and optimistic about my future – even though I have absolutely no idea what might be happening. When I say “I have absolutely no idea what might be happening” I mean that I don’t know where I will get a job at yet, or where I will move to, or any of those details. But I am quite excited about the idea of all of the options and freedom and all of those things that will open up in a few short months (some days short of eight, I counted).

I’m also pleasantly surprised with all the things that I’ve accomplished withs studio so far. You see, I won’t be taking anymore studio classes at Tech because I’ve completed the eight required studio classes (and doubt they’d let me sit in on any others) – but looking back, I can tell that I have learned a lot and improved. I think that as a designer, you’re taught to be really critical, and to always assume that whatever you do could be much better. It’s hard for me to feel really good about the things that I’ve done (made, designed, created, crafted, what-have-you) because of two reasons – 1. if you fall too much in love with the idea that you have, you can’t see that there’s more you need to do or think about or that ‘blah-blah-blah’ detail isn’t 100% right and 2. you have to be humble about your designs because they might not appeal to everyone and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so I believe that you need to be ready for people to be …not to pleased with your shtuff.

Anyhoo, I’m just feeling pretty good because I’ve managed to make a really long list of all the projects from every year and another list of things I want to work on – so I’ll be doing two projects every month for 7ish months, then re-assemble my portfolio for the end of December and then get a job! Woop!

Excited to get going on things again, and keep a record of everything. I found that theses blogs are incredibly helpful. David’s idea so long ago was really wonderful, and I’m glad to keep up with it. It’s nice to go back through old blog posts and remember what I was thinking in the middle of projects – especially when I need to re-work something or have forgotten what it was that I meant to do with some specific detail that doesn’t make sense now. I’ll also be updating my portfolio website over the summer, although I’ll have to think more carefully about what it is that I want to put on the internet in case people think I’m amazing and steal everything…haha

That’s all for now! Just wanted to share my excitement and plans!

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