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Got my personal branding done up the right way. My favorite detail? The little CMYK E-stars on the edge of the envelope.



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Playing with Photoshop Smart Objects

Ever have one of those revolutionary moments that you’re sort of shocked your brain can handle the aftermath of? Enter smart objects in Photoshop that make stationary and branding mock-ups super easy and crazy fun. I just recently threw these together. Love it!





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Working On: Business Cards

I’ve been working hard on business cards for what feels like forever, and I’m aiming for three different business card designs:
1. Double-sided design to give to people in person for impressions
(this might end up being a one-sided design with an open space on the back for comments about our meeting, like ‘Thanks for the coffee! Call me!’)
2. One-sided awesome design to leave places and give to people that are awesome/close friends/know me already
(something bold and exciting that doesn’t have to match all the other boring ‘branded stuff’)
3. One more simple design for super professional settings and to go in the folder of my press kit
(that matches my resume well, and just looks polished)

Why do I want to do so many different cards? Because I like to have options, and I think it’s important to be prepared. Having a variety of cards lends itself well to different situations and different meetings with people of various backgrounds (small firms, more out-there firms, large corporations, you get the picture).

Here are my three different card ideas so far (please pardon my tardiness because I’ve come down with an awful cold this week):

1.) a two-sided card

Note that these are all still works in progress, because I haven’t really experimented with typefaces too much yet (at least not much on the card pictured above).

2.) the one-sided card

I like the design of this card a lot, but it doesn’t really match anything else. I think that’s okay. Maybe? I think it would be fun to print it with a reversed copy on the back, so it sort of shows you that it’s one-sided, instead of just being blank on the back. There’s still some fine-tuning that needs to be done with the information text so that it’s a little more readable, but I really do like this design. (This design is like my baby, I really like it ever so much, but I think that more traditional designers would say that if I like it so much, I should let it go.)

3.) simple

This is the one that would be tucked into a press-kit folder, and therefore doesn’t have a back to show people. It’s a little shy, I suppose. It also might need some extra information about me, but then it feels too cluttered. We’ll see.

In class the other day we were discussing that business cards might become obsolete with the use of smart phones and QR codes (those pixelated squares that you can scan and information pops up). I don’t believe that we’ll truly become separated from our analog, physical objects for a long time, if ever. I just don’t think enough people will own and use smart phones to make QR codes the standard, and to forget business cards altogether. What do you think?


Ps. The top photo is from Brand New, a website that showcases re-branding of major companies, and shows the re-branding and new logo of Time Warner Cable. I enjoy browsing through their posts to see how companies try to keep themselves ‘modern’; always interesting to read the comments, too (which usually come from fellow designers).

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End of Another Semester

This semester wasn’t very awesome, but at least it’s done now. I accomplished a lot, and yet there are other things I didn’t manage to accomplish at the same time. I’m not in the mood to dwell right this moment because I have to get ready to go home for Christmas and be really cold in the North soon. I am, however, really excited about next year and new endeavors so I’ll be back in the swing of things soon. Just have to keep moving forward 🙂

Weekly Start Up?!

Another week! Woo! I’m slowly, but surely, getting the hang of more regular posting (again). Lot’s of exciting stuff happening around here – many new projects to start, many old projects to keep working on. My ‘Math + Design’ series is debuting this week (watch for it on Wednesday) – it’s taken me a long time because I have to make all the ‘math’ words more creative and to ensure I really really know what it is I’m explaining. Art Education will be back this week, too after a very brief hiatus this past week (yay, Roman art!).

Over the weekend, I found out about a ‘visual internship’ at a store I really like. The design team there works 40 hours a week making cool stuff for the interior displays. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, and something I’m really interested in! I’ve been working hard on a new resume and cover letter over the weekend. There is, as with everything ‘professional design’ related, a lot of discrepancies about The Best Way to make a resume. I don’t understand why ‘designers’ are so critical of one another; a lot of articles I read were really downers – “If you’re using Times New Roman, then how can you call yourself a designer?!” Ugh! Geesh!

Anyway, resumes and cover letters and being professional is tricky. But I know that with more practice, the easier it will become!

Now you can feast your eyes on this strange and wondrous project from Duth designer Sjored Vroonland called “Kapstokstoel” from his series “Revised Craft” from designboom.

Happy Monday & hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

PS. Did some new graphics and fiddling around with my tumblr theme! I’ll probably be using what I did there to make changes here in the near future.


Project Ideas

– personal re-branding “identity” for 2011 (extended to all internet and print things) (including a well-managed ‘press kit’)
– personal typography chart (like this one)
a new airline
alphabet cards
– re-branding a ‘dying’ brand ((like that one guy’s Playboy assignment))
– packaging for products I’ve already designed (like Serenity Stones)
– finish ‘branding’ things -> ViM and Converse
guinea pig environment
– circular bench for the sunroom (inspiration board here)

And last, but not least, design competitions!


Almost October!


I’m really excited for it to be October already! I want to create adorable fall decorations for the house. I think it’s partially the wonderful, crisp weather today that’s really exciting me. And/or procrastination about art history exams…


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hipster blog?

My new header (and signature) is s0 hipster it hurts. I guess I’m okay with it though. At least I opted against the triangle instead of the heart at the bottom. Oh, well. You win some and you lose some; plus I’ll probably be changing my layout again in a week or so. I’m just very particular about things!


EDIT: Every single time I look at my blog now, I laugh at myself which is awesome. And part of the point of using The Internet without taking yourself too seriously 🙂

I’m a bad blogger because…

I never upload pictures from my fancy-schmancy Canon Rebel to my computer, and if I ever take the time to upload them…then I have no where to put them because I’ve put too many things on Flickr and I don’t know how I feel about buying a ‘pro’ account just to show off. You know?
Like, oh, I am a Flickr PRO and I’m shit at photography and don’t you want to look at hundreds of pictures I’ve snapped of details of every day objects? Aren’t I artistic, and full of really good composition? And isn’t it neat that I only shoot in natural day light because that’s my aesthetic (when really, I don’t know enough about lighting).

Anyhoo, my lack of photographs to accompany things that I do makes me feel like all my internet presence is a heck of a lot of talkin’ without walkin’ – as in, I can type my hands off, but without proof of beautiful photos this seems like a waste. No one likes words! DOWN WITH WORDS! Give me beautiful photographs or give me death! You get the message by now, I’m sure.

It’s okay though – I mean, this is mostly more for myself. A place to make paragraphs instead of captions. I mean, my Mom doesn’t even read this anymore (“Oh, you still update that thing…?”). I don’t even know if she knows what the addresses are for any of my internet-related things. I don’t really mind, to be honest. I have way too much of The Internet, anyway.

Point is: I’m going to try and make a better point of updating – WITH beautiful, accompanying photographs. Maybe I’ll ask for Flickr pro for birthday/Christmas. It just seems like such a silly luxury. It’s under $30, but still.

In other news, school is fine. Sort of boring, to be honest. I’m trying to discover useful things to take up my time. Although, it is nice to have a lot of time to just be instead of last year with senior studio and IDSA all at the same time. That was a hectic, stressful stage in my life.

This weekend Boyfriend and I re-arranged some of the furniture in the house, and moved the guinea pigs to the living room. I hope that they’ll be happier and more active if they are closer to me and a window. I also purchased an AMAZING painting from a thrift store this weekend – a crazy-looking sea captain.

October is coming up so quickly! It’s exciting, though. Closer to getting done with this semester, closer to graduating, closer to…things I am unsure about. The Future. I’m more excited about it now – less afraid. Learning a lot about myself along the way.

I have a lot of projects brewing in my mind…I’d like to make a different guinea pig cage, I’d like to make a rolling-rack for coats and shoes to go inside the living room, I’d like to make some benches that curve and fit inside the sun room perfectly – making a window bench of sorts. There’s also some work I’d like to do on some previous studio projects – as well as the never-ending updating of resumes, portfolios, work samples, press kits, etc. I MIGHT EVEN START VOLUNTEERING! Ah. It’s nice to have so many options.

Life is fine and dandy!

3.5 Weeks

Almost a month into school already and it is all 100% still unbalanced and ridiculous!

3.5 weeks of school, with each of the first three weeks with totally different schedules (no lab the first week, then lab the second week, then no school Monday last week, now this week…). Plus I was sick last week, sort of screwing everything up.

I’ve already had one test in one class, and will be having one test in the other two classes that require tests next week on the SAME DAY.

Ugh! Whatever. Just need to get some sleep. Eyes on the prize. Get the hell done with this.

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