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New Endeavor

Another new endeavor?! What? Yes! I had another brilliant idea today, and so I’m going with it. I read this post this morning and felt inspired (re-invigorated, jazzed, caffeinated, you get the drift). I’ve done 365 photography projects in the past, but they usually fizzle out when I get too busy with other things (school, homework, designin’). So now I’m going to do a 365 “creative” project – simply making something every single day! My goal is to spend about 30 minutes to an hour max to simply make (new) stuff . The first project is posted up here on a new tumblr-log for viewing pleasure. I’ll be adding to it every day.

For today’s thing I used this tutorial as a guide to make a simple (yet stunning, right?) rainbow path. Then I fiddled with some transparency and brush settings and TA-DA! Pretty thing!

rainbow path

I think these Spirograph graphics could be easily transformed into really amazing space-themed things. Being able to inspire yourself with your own work is an interesting feeling.

Hope you’re just as excited and productive as me this week!


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