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I can’t decide if the reason why all of this studio work seems to be taking FOREVER is because:
a) I’m a bad designer
b) I’m a good designer
c) I’m tired and can’t make better, more concious design decisions
d) This kind of work usually takes this effing long
e) all of the above

Sure, I have a lot done – but I don’t have anything in my hands yet and I thought I’d be even further along already. Oh well – can’t stop now, of course. I’m just tired.


[project three countdown]

To Do:

  • box
    – die cut outline [x]
    – outside graphic [x]
    – inside graphic [x]
    – put it all together/add eyelets/etc. [  ]
  • vials
    – cap label graphic [x]
    – contents label graphic [x]
    – print/cut out/etc. [  ]
  • board
    – graphic [x]
    – plot & cut [  ]
  • shelf
    – ?!!!#!$>>!$$@WHat^>? [  ]
  • shoes
    – shoe shopping [  ]
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poster problems

What to choose, what to choose? I’ve done some poster renditions, but I need advice.
[click thru to see]
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alt branding and rebranding

I’m pretty easily entertained by HRO on a regular basis; but specifically today the post about rebranding Pepsi products made me giggle real bad.

The post about shoes is also funny; the part about Converse made me smile.

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get chucked?

I’m at the point in this project where I really need to be able to say exactly the right thing on my packaging, but I’m not finding the words for it just yet.
I have, however, concocted the perfect outfit for Friday’s review.
If you can think of any brilliant cliches/sayings/one-liners/quips about shoes/memories/dirt/life/living/experiences/etc. [think Converse, music, sports, youth, living, all those silly little punk kids wearing their junky, ripped up shoes and something inspiring BUT funny to say to them that sums up their whole headspace], pass ’em my way please&thanks.

Everything is fine so far. We’ll see what happens.

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Does anyone else feel like this month has gone by without them noticing? Ridiculous.

There’s always this cycle of slow introduction to a project, then things get going, and all of a sudden I’ve disappeared into the CoA for two weeks to finally re-surface after no contact with anyone and a fresh, lovely new project in hand.
And I love it.


just a little bit more

I’m really digging the idea of making some “customization” kits as my promotional item for this third project. Right now I’m playing around with the idea of ‘live in your shoes’ or something like that; I really need to get some catchy zingers worked out for my kits to be super successful. Thus far I’ve tinkered with the idea of dirt/mud, tire treads, grass stains, paint, soy sauce, and make-up (?).

It has to be funny, and it has to be right so I still have a lot to think about.

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simplicity is not simple

lI’m really into the idea of advertising and/or simplicity. Anyone that’s seen my [RECENTLY, FRESHLY] clean apartment comprehends my love of simplicity, and the difficulty I sometimes encounter while trying to maintain it. I’ve been enjoying this branding project for studio – the research, the idea of trying to boil down products into simple key points, and the opportunity to be almost metaphorical in trying to explain the ‘big picture’ a brand is portraying. As much as I’m into this project, I feel like I’m somehow being a disappointment. My sketching is bad. My concepts don’t read on paper. And my brain feels somehow shallow today – like I already knew some of the ideas I was given by classmates, but couldn’t actually decipher them from the buzz in my head on my own.
Promotional products are difficult. They can’t quite be a product that would be sold in stores, but they still have to be wanted, to be somehow ‘needed’ in a way – something to excite the consumer, but is also sustainable because its supported by the original product or vice versa.
I know my head is at least in the right place; I understand the assignment and what makes it work – I just have to put it all together.

On another note, I feel thoroughly ‘without’ or lacking since my laptop has been MIA for much too long. Even more annoying is my inability to get it fixed when the solution is simple. And the fact that I missed a flashmob pillow fight. DANG – I wish I had been there!

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I visited unboundary yesterday.
It made me feel inspired again – I think there is hope for me, after-all.
Also reminded me how much I need an animal in my life, because there were tons of dogs there.

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