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Ah, finally!

After many rather random set-backs and problems, everything fell into place [minus the shelf], as it always does. Mad props to the lovely Angela that let me use her shower, her make-up, her clothes, her shoes… so that I could look like someone prepared for review after locking my car inside Klaus (I’m magical, what can I say?) I don’t know what I would do without the friends that understand studio, or at least try; I love the friends that come visit or actually ask about what I’m making and that comprehend that I’m not blowing them off per-say, and that help however they can. Thank you.

Despite being done with my project crazy early this morning/late last night [TOTALLY done with all my boards at 5:30am], I had a lot of plotting issues/errors [was on the list, waited around till 9 something, had to replot over and over until I finally got it done at 11:30] and I almost had a panic attack while spray mounting, and then again while pinning up [srsly]. But I learned a lot from this project:
1. ALWAYS swipe your card for the parking decks. This is perhaps most important.
2. Embed your pictures into your illustrator files so that they get printed
3. Use Jes to help you figure out your figure/ground sidebar icon thing for your boards
4. Use higher power, lower speed on the laser cutter [like power 80 or so]
5. Run the laser cutter more than once
6. Save your illustrator files “for web” and they’re smaller and flattened

Anyhoo, I’m serious when I say I think that this is the best project I’ve ever done because not only are my models good, but my boards are pretty great and I actually have the ‘whole package’, rather than ‘a really good study model and then some other mediocre stuff that doesn’t mean much.’ Its been cool hearing kids compliment my Seedling Silverware. Also, the reviewers rocked – like totally rocked and gave good, solid, helpful stuff instead of what seems like commands and authority from some others. Wonder if its an age thing?
Finally, I’m posting the boards from this project because I’m very proud, and seeing is believing.
Behold, ‘Seedling Silverware’!

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so fresh and so green green

So far, things seem to be going really swell.
I have the concept of how it moves from flat to working figured out (twist the whole thing into tension and keep it in place with slats, a la traditional flat-packed stuff), and I’m pretty confident in the way I want to package it (seed-impregnated, hand-made paper from cotton rags left over from textile mills [no need to waste tree pulp!], a la a gum-wrapper, with a pull string to open the package). I’m still looking at simplifying and perfecting the shape of the spoon end, and fine-tuning the tines of the fork. I just need to work out the fine fine details (package graphics, hand cut vs. laser cut the spoonfork), actually put it all together (make stuff that works!), find a different wood-substitute (the birch veneer I have right now keeps snapping) and actually finish everything (models, possible 3D models, renderings, boards, plot, sleep and shower before Friday at 12:30).

Point being: I’m really digging my idea, I’m not panicky quite yet, and I have a decent amount of time to ‘knock this out’. Not to mention nothing has gone too terribly wrong yet (minus the wood snapping, and not figuring out how to make a perforated package well – but both not big deals).

Who wants to pre-order some Seedling Silverware? [Name subject to change.]

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Eureka, perhaps?

Oh man, I never even thought about being able to put seeds in the paper packaging of my product. I don’t know much this changes my whole idea yet. Should just the package have seeds, and then the spoonfork be the plant tag? That seems a lot more realistic than having seeds somehow inside the tips of the fork, because I honestly question if seeds cast inside of a biodegradable resin/substance would be able to germinate when the rest of the utensil starts decomposing.
I’m also really inspired by the individually wrapped tea packets where the tag-thingy at the end of the tea bag is integrated into the paper packet that holds the whole thing [I hope that was comprehendable].
I’m starting to feel a little better.

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Panic, Procrastination, Plants, Plotting, Etc.

I’m panicky, so I’ve been procrastinating – despite having a more solid idea that I actually like (despite it being David’s, originally, and how I feel silly for not being able to think of anything better [all I could contemplate was trying to push people to wear/keep their “sustainable” cutlery around them more, but who wants to wear a spoonfork bracelet that they were just eating curry off of?!]). I have four days to make some magic happen, except now its more like three, but really its like one because I have to work both Tuesday and Thursday night [lame. I need a different job. Suggestions welcome for some sort of job that is more on the weekend-days, and not on the night before projects are due].

1. Research the hell out of things tonight
2. Do all sorts of models all day/night tomorrow
3. Have something pretty damn concrete for Wednesday [obvi]
4. Start/get some significant board work done Wednesday night/Thursday morning
5. Plot Thursday night (mid-day if possible, but that’s a long shot)
6. Sleep some
**drink lots of my new hazelnut cream coffee along the way
***pray that the cold gets better, not worse [yeah, right]
Also: manage to somehow clean and organize for the arrival of my parents on Friday for the three day weekend, and find a cute ‘native american’ costume

So, I’m currently researching into/thinking of: herb gardens, plant tags, packaging, fortune cookies, those jokes on popsicle sticks, laser-cutting some flat-pack spoonfork that gets turned/twisted/put/pushed/moved into ‘tension’ to create an actual “spoon” – and I’m playing with some Bristol

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Couch Surfin

Hanging out on the internet all day and/or being sick has its perks. For instance, someone brought me soup and made it for me while we watched a crappy comic-book-made-into-movie movie. And I found some amazing, creepy, hilarious, ingenious things from Fred Flare. See examples below.

**Bonus** The last picture is Scarlett Johansson, Kanye West’s fave white girl, in a rubber dress because I thought it was an amazing mix of textures.

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One of the ways that designs are ‘sustainable’ is that they are long-lasting; as in, they remain unchanged and popular for a long long time. I wish that polaroid cameras were more sustainable. I like the idea of instant photographs quite a bit. I’m bummed that buying one now is soo expensive.
I’m also really bummed that I have a cold. I seem to always get one at the beginning of each semester, then one in the middle and one at the end.
I am pleased to announce that this post is coming from my couch, where I FINALLY have wireless [set up by someone much more tech-y than me]!

And finally: Studio is going rather swimmingly thus far. The first project we’re doing is to create an eco-friendly soultion to a ‘personal problem’ we’ve discovered and then researched. I had a hard time coming up with any ‘personal problems’ that weren’t already being done by everyone else or wasn’t crazy tacky until I thought of an alternative for a plastic spoon [because I am wimpy and don’t use metal spoons for my soup]. Now I’m trying to figure out which materials to use, biodegradable starch stuff vs. a quick-to-replace wood, and a way to push the whole product from a combined spoon on one end & fork on the other end to something even bigger/greater/greener than just some really attractive spoonfork.

PS: AS IF TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE – I just found out that Polaroid is srsly dead. They’ve recently announced that they’re officially going to stop making more instant film [ ]. So buying a Polaroid instant camera now is a complete waste; that totally ruins the dreams I’ve had since I was a junior in high school when I asked for a Polaroid camera as a present and my parents told me it was becoming obsolete. I mean, duh, digital cameras are “instant”, but I don’t usually print out my pictures because I take too many. Today is such a bum day.

pps: I keep wanting to get done with the roll of film that’s chillin in my Fisheye right now so that I can take all the rolls I’ve shot since I got it in to get developed, but I keep missing the daylight. And I can not bring myself to be wasteful.

What will happen when all film becomes obsolete? Oh man.

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working hard, or hardly working?

Since I’ve been at work, instead of working on studio [surprise!], I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of eco-design, eco-friendliness, recycling, and all other “green” things while business has been slow and no one wants to eat spaghetti. Checking the restrooms to make sure they’re stocked with toilet paper is one part of many important things I do as a hostess [ha ha], and as I kept replacing toilet paper I kept getting more annoyed. Why can’t the traditional cardboard roll be integrated into the actual toilet paper, like those paper straws? The toilet paper roll could be made out of more tightly wound paper, or something other than cardboard, and then it could be literally used until it was all gone. Also, why don’t we try to recycle more paper products at work? I mean, we use paper napkins, place mats, paper towels, toilet paper, the wrapper on the toilet paper, the toilet paper rolls, all the cardboard boxes that everything gets shipped to us in, To-Go containers, and the list continues…

Also wish that there was a bigger push to use organic cloth and materials in fashion, but again – “eco-luxury” doesn’t apply to many people. Until using organic cloth is more mainstream and less expensive, most people aren’t going to use it or purchase it.
[eco-fashion: ]

I suppose its like that idea that until the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change, nothing happens. Unless someone gives people a better reason or reward to recycle, no one really cares. The lack of recycling locations is also a bummer. I feel all too conscious of being incredibly wasteful, and it makes me uncomfortable. One sneaky little green tip: You should unplug electric appliances you’re not using, because leaving them plugged in wastes energy.

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Morning, Sunshine!

I love the way my coffee pot sounds like it sighs when it makes me coffee in the morning. I’m pretty sure that’s just part of the coffee-making process, but it makes me smile because it seems like we’re both waking up for the day. Cute little coffee pot!

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Moon Jar Nitez

I’ve been having trouble focusing down on this first studio project because I haven’t really thought about making things in a ‘studio class sense’ all summer, so my brain still hasn’t jumpstarted back to its creative side. However, while I was trying to do some research for our new project that involves Eco Design, I found
something fantastic that I want.

On other notes, I wish I new more about CSS because I would feel better knowing how to edit things with a style sheet instead of my basic HTML skills honed from Myspace. I also haven’t figured out my way around this yet, so fingers crossed I get some spare time soon [I can’t stand a mis-managed, un-professional looking blog, although I do understand we can’t ALL be the next big internet blog]

Blogging for grades is so 2k8.

ps. I think this “GREEN” trend is boring. I really don’t like it when people try to prove how great they are. Advertising how ‘kind to the enviro’ you are is really just like bragging about how you’re the humblest person you know. Lame.

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