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Planetary: Cecil Balmond

‘Earthquakes’ is one of those topics that everyone knows about, but no one really knows that much about it. We’re all familiar with earthquakes, but I doubt that most people know about P waves, PP waves, AND S waves! So how do ‘earthquakes’ relate to design? Cecil Balmond is a “is a world renowned designer, artist, mathematician, thinker and writer” and he challenges traditional theories about underlying mechanisms and design. Instead of relying on a skeleton to strengthen a building during an earthquake, he relishes the fluidity and flexibility of a structure with “overflowing kinetic energy”.

An exhibit earlier this year in Tokyo, Japan featured his work in three different ‘phases’, but all three focus on geometric patterns,and finding rhythms that develop naturally through genetic codes. Besides his ‘flowing kinetic energy’ concept, Balmond also wonders if it is possible to delegate the code that gives life’ to a building, and see if it could grow and flourish from this initial genetic code, instead of having everything about the structure designed from the beginning. Really interesting stuff! There’s a much larger description of the exhibit (and source of my info and pictures) here and more about Cecil Balmond here.

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Art Education: PREHISTORY

Today’s art history lecture started at the very beginning of ART! We went through the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic art movements (more like ‘artifacts from these different cultures’). Very interesting stuff! We were exposed to many round women fertility fetishes, cave paintings of animals and spotted horses, and some stone megaliths at Stonehenge. All in all, a quick jump through time and an interesting dip into cultural history. This is the first time that this class has truly felt more like a ‘cultural understanding of the world through art, time, and history’ than before, which I think is sort of why we’re required to take it.

My favorite ‘piece’ from today is the “Landscape with volcanic eruption” from the seventh level at Catal Hoyuk, carbon-dated to 6150 BC. The piece is really a carving on a rock wall, but what is beautiful and interesting to me is the painting representation of the relief. This carving of the possible eruption of the neighboring Hasan Dag volcano was considered ‘totemic’ because the ritual performed in the act of carving it would be the part providing the “magical protection” to the city. It is also a good example of a ‘composite’ piece – combining a perspective view and a frontal view of the volcano in one landscape representation.

'Landscape with volcanic eruption' is both the first landscape in history and a map to Catal Hoyuk

All of the cave paintings and sculptures are very cool and worth looking at. Check out Lascaux Caves, Pech-Merle Caves, Le Tue d’Audoubert Caves (the two clay bison), and the ‘Deer Hunt’ wall paintings from Catal Hoyuk.

Seeking Employment

of the part-time/internship variety.

So, if for some reason you, or anyone you know, is thinking “Hmm, I have this creative part time job/internship and no one to fill it…” – you can now think “OH! I have a part time job/internship that requires someone creative and I can’t wait for EMMA THEA HOOP to fill this void!”

I have ample time in my measly school schedule this semester, and I also have a lot of drive and enthusiasm – a very win-win combination for anyone needing to hire someone like me!

I have already filled out two applications and returned them with no responses as of yet (well, no real responses; I recieved one addressed to someone else RAVING about her enthusiasm and talent – which I have plenty of. Too bad my name isn’t also ‘Christine’!)

Please and thanks. And seriously.

Love forever,
Emma Thea Hoop

Another Semester, Another Schedule

I love the first few days of the fall semester of school. So many new faces, and new classrooms to walk to with crisp, new subjects. The first few days are so fun! And lighthearted! And most of the time you don’t even have to sit in class the whole time! It’s wonderful, and exciting.

With a new school schedule, that means a new schedule of themes to post about! Also wonderful and exciting!
Using this blog to record ideas and inspirations about what I’m doing, as well as topics I’m studying, helps me to get more out of what I’m doing. It’s always nice to have a record – to look back and think, “Wow! I’ve done so much!” And it’s always a fun, creative challenge to relate what I’m learning in classes to what I care about in the ‘long run’ – i.e. DESIGN!

I’m taking four classes this semester, and I think that they’re applications in ‘creative’ fields are incredibly useful.

So, the new schedule is as follows:
Monday – Color Theory
(class topics, photographs of our in-class assignments and out-of-class assignments for the week)

Tuesday – Art History
(a review of the movement/style that we reviewed in class, and my favorite piece(s) from the day)

Wednesday – Math + Design
(a series curated by yours truly about the practical, and vital, applications of math in design – like The Golden Ratio, grids, rule of thirds, geometry, sine wave/wave patterns, etc.)

Thursday – Art History and Earth Science Inspiration
(the same style as Tuesday’s content + a series of posts with content inspired by Earth and Atmospheric sciences – most likely including topics from class (think: minerals/rocks/clouds/tectonic plates) with product designs that match the topics)(this might also include architecture/building construction-related posts)

Friday – Graphic Design
(a look at graphic design principles and personal experiments utilizing them (like, mixing font exercises, doing different layouts based on different ideas like hierarchy vs. proximity) – mostly a personal experiment I would like to try out)

Saturday – Interactive Design or Sketching?
(another personal experiment I’d like to try out – either research about interactive design/psychology OR sketching -> sketching seems like a more practical skill to continue learning, while interactive design sounds like an exciting thing to do research about!)

Sunday – Haus Therapy
(anything house related that I’m into – decorating ideas, DIY project inspiration, pictures, tips, etc. -> mostly a personal summary of pictures and posts I like from more famous design blogs with a mixture of things I’m doing around my own house and things I buy for $10 or less at the thrift store!)

So! That’s the proposed schedule for now. I’ll probably try to start posting things with this schedule beginning Wednesday, and see how things go over the weekend, etc. and into next week – especially because a lot of classes are still at the ‘introductory’ phase and not a lot, if any, content has been presented yet.
And as a final note, I’m seeking a part-time job/internship/creative endeavor of any kind for my morning hours – so if you know of anything, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I’m very seriously looking for a part-time position in almost any creative field that will have me 🙂 I am nice, funny, hard working, interesting, a little worldly (and wordy, clearly), enthusiastic, and intent on doing creative work!

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