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on ampersands.

An ampersand (&), also commonly called an ‘and sign’, is a logogram representing the conjunction “and”. The symbol is a ligature of the letters in et, Latin for “and”. [Wikipedia]

I like ampersands, and since it’s a symbol for E and T, maybe I can throw it into a logo for my name?! ETH. We’ll see. I still wish I had been more well taught in the area of logos, typography, and visual things.

on furniture hunting in and out of the city

I’ve been going on a wild goose chase of sorts recently for furniture because I want some new pieces for my apartment, but it’s proving to be difficult because I’m not 100% sure what I really want or am actually looking for. One of my goals in looking for new furniture, like a desk, is to make a really well organized space for myself to do design work in next year so that I spend more time at home instead of in studio, which can be sooo distracting.
I adventured all over different parts of Atlanta in the process! First stop was to Paris on Ponce, which is unfortunately only open Thursday – Sunday [odd hours, but it seems to clearly work for them!]. Next destination took me on Moreland out past East Atlanta Village (the same road you take to make it to the drive-in theater wayyyyy out there past 6 Krogers) to a Value Village that I remember going to freshman year to find a specific suitcase for a ‘threshold’ project [everyone in studio B with Margaret will know what I’m referring to!]. Value Village had TONS of micro-suede couches on the cheap, but no desks. Next door was a store I’ve never heard of before – a hotel surplus store of sorts. It seems that they just get all the left over things from hotels and re-sell them! There were TONS of VCRs, mattresses, headboards, alarm clocks, etc. – some very, very cool stuff but really strangely priced. Since my first and foremost goal is to get a new desk, I tried my best not to be distracted by the pirate skeleton or the awesome armchairs. The final destination for the day was essentially on the other side of town in Chamblee – which, judging from their city hall that I passed, might be a town all on it’s own?! I had never been to Chamblee before, so it was fun to get out of the city for a minute. The Consignment Depot was quite a let down after going to this one antique store FILLED with design legend originals! I’ve never seen so many legendary, original pieces not in a museum before! There were so many Eames pieces, I thought I was going to have a panic attack. The most eye-catching desk in the store was a mere $3,000 piece that was ‘rather rare’ according to the *slightly* snobbish antique man. I’m bothered that I can’t remember what the designer’s name was – just that it’s a kidney-bean shaped desk with leather bound sides that’s a part of the Herman Miller collection and it has it’s own title. Geeze.
I don’t really know where my passion for home furnishings has come from; maybe it’s only surfaced because I’ve gotten really enamored with decorating my apartment to make it feel more homey, but I do know that I’m really interested in making home furnishings as well as helping people put my future home furnishings into their homes.
I think.
I just think it’s amazing that a desk someone designed years ago has an actual title and it’s so famous and rare, and that it gives someone like me a fluttery heart.

I’m going to have to learn how to read a newspaper/use the internet more efficiently to find estate and garage sales in the city, and if anyone wants to come with me, they’re more than welcome!

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