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We’re getting further into the development of our company, focusing on what we’re doing – micromanufacturing – to make a cool name; something along the lines of micro14 and variations on that. The product that I’ve chosen to develop further for our company is a d.i.y. postcard; a picture frame that you can insert your own picture, moment, location into to give to a friend or loved one as a cute little snail-mail present.

I’m currently looking at mailers and postcards so that I can get a better understanding of possibilities, materials, and manufacturing. The challenge with this studio is making products that someone else within our “company” can re-create for us to sell – so it has to be totally feasible and working ASAP. These aren’t just study models.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be working on ways to finesse the first iteration of the picture-postcard and expanding upon the idea of having something to hold up the ‘frame’. I’ve also been thinking about picture corners, and wondering if that’s easier and cheaper than cutting out two pieces of card stock and gluing them together to make a ‘folder’ of sorts for the picture itself to slide into. Lots of shopping and trial & error to be had in the very near future!

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Name Game

Brainstorming for a company name…

Layers – onions, artichokes,

“Fruit” – a general name that describes something that has many different options (apples, oranges, cherries)

Adding color as a descriptor to things  – “green ______” for green design, “yellow _______” for ‘fun’ products

Things that already are naturally “varied” – calico?

Traditional things with a twist – “green tomatoes” -> “blue tomatoes” etc.

What is the “feeling” or “spirit” of what we’re doing? Create, innovate, change, invent, conjure, move, shift

And so forth!

Spring Semester!

This is my last semester of studio in my college career! I’m also planning on it being my last spring semester of school EVER, so I’m pretty pumped.  I’m thrilled about the studio I’m in about innovation and manufacturing, as well as the independent study that I’ve created about exploring the relationship between products and their branding, packaging, and retail.

Stephen Chininis is teaching my senior studio class about innovation and our first project involves us creating a company that plans on producing designs that can be manufactured easily with low-cost production (laser cutter/sewing/etc.), and we’re going to market and sell them. We chose different roles in class today and I’m one of three people assigned to “creative services” under the marketing team (branding, graphic design, marketing & advertising). Part of the assignment is to be an employee and run the company, while designing products for it at the same time.

I need to brainstorm some company name ideas and some product sketches before Wednesday. Personally, I like one-word names because they seem a lot more impressionable – like POW! that’s it. We discussed names and metaphors that can describe the fact that we’ll be designing tons of different product lines with varying price points – so things with layers like onions, artichokes, etc.

Now I think I’ll take a nap, then put up some cork boards by my desk, and get cracking! It’s a three day weekend, and I’m hoping to get a lot out of it.

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