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Creating Color: Cyan and Friends

[from top to bottom hex code #s: #008CBF, #AFA498, #03314C, #B81E47, #710F17]

The bright blue in this room is practically cyan, and I am fine with that! I love the balance and contrast found in the shades of blue used in this room. The bright red couch is a really bold choice, but it looks so lovely in the space. I think the elegant, patterned wall paper really neutralizes the space with it’s beige background and blue pattern. What a wonderful overall effect! Now I’m green with envy wishing I had a more exotic couch color.


(picture from LivingEtc)

Creating Color: Orange and Gray

[from top to bottom hex code #s: #DB6F27, #D6D5C9, #A4B1C0, #7A7C79, #EEEA8B]

Grey is a really beautiful neutral because it can have so many different colored undertones. I’ve featured a lot of greys so far that have blue undertones, resulting in a sort of undefined lavendar-grey situation. I’m not surprised – my favorite color is blue, so it seems logical I would be drawn to bluey-greys. The grey in my living room is actually more of a strange purple color than a ‘grey’.

The purpley-bluey-greys compliment the BRIGHT pop of orange in this picture beautifully. ALSO, not surprising since blue and orange are complimentary colors – meaning they’re opposite each other on the color wheel.

I can see this color palette as being really useful for website development or print layouts because of the variety of bright, stand-out colors and the subtle changes in neutrals. Also, I want to paint my door.

Happy coloring!


(picture from Apartment Therapy)

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Creating Color: Greens & Blues

[from top to bottom hex code #s: #0F1E23, #95A93B, #1D96B3, #3D414B, #BBA988]

This bright, green and blue kitchen is really energetic and beautiful. They pair their vibrant greens with equally bright shades of blue – and keep it all evenly composed by using different shades of the same color. The rest of the kitchen is neutral – a light, tan wood floor paired with a blue-toned grey wall. My favorite touch is the suspended collection of various, brightly colored kitchen utensils. Not to mention, those chrome-tipped light bulbs are to die for, if you’re a fan of what I call the ‘romanticized loft aesthetic’.

Don’t fear color!


(picture from design*sponge)

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Creating Color: Dusty Tones

[from top to bottom hex code #s: #EABE45, #575348, #CA5E48, #325A72, #CDC3B3]

I’ve been collecting different images that have color palettes and aesthetics that I like (you can see them here). I think it’s important as a ‘creative’ to be able to know what it is that you do and don’t like, so part of my ‘collecting’ is for fun AND learning.

The above credenza is an upcycled piece from Think Contemporary (via). I really love their use of dusty, almost primary colors with that grey. The off-white walls behind really complement the picture and their color choices. I usually don’t go for non-saturated, dusty colors like this but I think that with their styling it really works. And it evokes a very South-Western, desert feel for me – which is a trend I am a fan of lately!


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