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DwellStudio for Target

Forgive me, I am very very behind on jumping on the “Yay! I love Dwell Studio! I love Target! I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!” bandwagon – but, hey, I AM HERE NOW. I was strolling Target yesterday, for fun, but also to check out their storage stuff because I am considering putting a row of baskets at the bottom of my bookcase to hold junk and spray paint (very Ikea of me). Anyhoo, since I’ve been focusing on the bedroom as my ‘One Room’ (which I am still confused if that is one room for the whole eight weeks of the cure, or one for each week?) – I browsed the duvets, comforters, and bed linens area and I am in love with the DwellStudio for Target collection that is out right now. Beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. Amazing color combinations and patters, and not nearly as expensive as their regular collections (the ones not sold at Target, you know). Buying one of their sets is very much on my list and ‘Style Tray’s now! Here are some photographs of their beauty:

In particular, I really liked this mostly white pattern with chocolate brown, light yellow, and pink accents and I feel sort of embarrassed now – since all I could do in the store was sort of shake my head and repeat “I hate pink, but I love this, I HATE pink, but I love this!”

Friday Fun Day!

I have to admit that I don’t have a clue how well this ‘schedule’ idea will go, but I do know that I need to do a better job of organizing categories and tags and what not. You get back what you put into things, right? Anyway, this is my first time of doing a ‘Friday Fun Day’ and I’m pretty excited after just a few moments of trawling the beloved internetz.

However, let me first preface that since this is my blog, I’m probably going to post both designs and objects that I LOVE and those that I do not love to better – but in a way that only helps me understand my aesthetic better. I don’t think that bashing people’s ideas is fun; I think most designers get enough of that with presentation critique!

So, let’s begin! FRIDAY FUN DAY!

I am in love with these pieces by Canadian woodworking-master Christian Woo called ‘Covert’. I am partial to them because of the mix of gorgeous pure, organic wood and bright colors. All of the pieces are made of sustainably harvested hardwoods and hand rubbed oil finishes (hooray recycling without looking recycled).
You can see more of Christian’s work here.

Now, if you really want to talk about fun – what about a (teetering on tasteless) roadkill rug? The Roadkill Carpet by Dutch design studio OOOMS has recently been released for sale, and it’s causing a lot of love/hate. The abstract splotch in the corner is a “a repulsive image of a car-flattened, bloody fox” and according to their website blurb, it’s meant to evoke that fascination and curiosity of “ew, I don’t want to see that!” while looking.

on building custom themes

Off-topic, but I’m totally interested in writing my own CSS themes for my various internetz – and WebDesignerWall has a really good how-to guide on building a custom theme.

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on personal projects and architects

Jesse and I decided to work on personal projects tonight since we don’t have a new studio assignment yet, and to improve our designer skills. Tonight I learned that architect kids come out of the woodwork around midnight, because I went back up to the laser cutter on the third floor to print another trial version of a stencil I’m working on, and there were people all over hogging up the stuff for “real projects”.
We did have a really good time wheeling all the way from the 104 computer lab up to the 3rd floor, though. No wonder architects think all we do is have fun…
Anyway, Monday’s review was a real big downer for everyone – people that got to present, and especially the people that didn’t.
Instead of focusing on how crappy the situation is, I’m going to try harder – or maybe just work smarter?
Starting with this next project, I’m going to begin with more tangible, specific goals, instead of waiting for inspiration to magically fall out of the sky and make something all unicorns-and-rainbows.

Give Me 3′ is a WRAP!

No, really, the Give Me 3′ is a bag. But it’s been reviewed! And the review went well, in my opinion. I’m pretty proud of what Allison and I accomplished with our not-exactly-professional sewing skills. And I’m incredibly happy that Chris is so good at sketching and rendering (see his fantastic work on his design blog).The reviewers had a lot of helpful and constructive criticism; their positive comments made me happy, and they also asked a lot of good questions and brought up some good things to think about for future design changes. I think that this project’s review is one of my more favorite ones from this semester – the first project was good, the second project I didn’t really think about a lot of important things that I should’ve thought more about, the third project did not turn out the way I wanted it to – but I went into this project confident with our design choices, and open to suggestions because it was ‘just a prototype’ and we did what we could with materials and assembly. Sure, we made mistakes (like leaving way too much extra on the straps so that they didn’t fit the way we had envisioned in, and then NOT pining it for the review), but we already had ideas for what we would do if we did further designs on the project – making it available in different sizes, customizable colors, the ability to change what shoulder it would be on, and the map area that is most applicable to the customer’s location [this could apply to other cities around the country and the world]. I was sort of surprised to hear that people thought it would be good for actual commuters to their offices, when we were trying to target teenager and college student commuters.

Jackson, Cristina, and Ben’s MARTA project was probably the most amazing one from this overall project brief, and they did a really good job of assigning each person something to do. That project will be an amazing addition to their portfolio because of the amount of detail they put into each aspect (I’m a smidgen jealous).

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what’s on your feet?

Can I design shoes with my ID degree?
I love shoes, y’all.


Ah, finally!

After many rather random set-backs and problems, everything fell into place [minus the shelf], as it always does. Mad props to the lovely Angela that let me use her shower, her make-up, her clothes, her shoes… so that I could look like someone prepared for review after locking my car inside Klaus (I’m magical, what can I say?) I don’t know what I would do without the friends that understand studio, or at least try; I love the friends that come visit or actually ask about what I’m making and that comprehend that I’m not blowing them off per-say, and that help however they can. Thank you.

Despite being done with my project crazy early this morning/late last night [TOTALLY done with all my boards at 5:30am], I had a lot of plotting issues/errors [was on the list, waited around till 9 something, had to replot over and over until I finally got it done at 11:30] and I almost had a panic attack while spray mounting, and then again while pinning up [srsly]. But I learned a lot from this project:
1. ALWAYS swipe your card for the parking decks. This is perhaps most important.
2. Embed your pictures into your illustrator files so that they get printed
3. Use Jes to help you figure out your figure/ground sidebar icon thing for your boards
4. Use higher power, lower speed on the laser cutter [like power 80 or so]
5. Run the laser cutter more than once
6. Save your illustrator files “for web” and they’re smaller and flattened

Anyhoo, I’m serious when I say I think that this is the best project I’ve ever done because not only are my models good, but my boards are pretty great and I actually have the ‘whole package’, rather than ‘a really good study model and then some other mediocre stuff that doesn’t mean much.’ Its been cool hearing kids compliment my Seedling Silverware. Also, the reviewers rocked – like totally rocked and gave good, solid, helpful stuff instead of what seems like commands and authority from some others. Wonder if its an age thing?
Finally, I’m posting the boards from this project because I’m very proud, and seeing is believing.
Behold, ‘Seedling Silverware’!

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Couch Surfin

Hanging out on the internet all day and/or being sick has its perks. For instance, someone brought me soup and made it for me while we watched a crappy comic-book-made-into-movie movie. And I found some amazing, creepy, hilarious, ingenious things from Fred Flare. See examples below.

**Bonus** The last picture is Scarlett Johansson, Kanye West’s fave white girl, in a rubber dress because I thought it was an amazing mix of textures.

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Morning, Sunshine!

I love the way my coffee pot sounds like it sighs when it makes me coffee in the morning. I’m pretty sure that’s just part of the coffee-making process, but it makes me smile because it seems like we’re both waking up for the day. Cute little coffee pot!

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