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Almost October!


I’m really excited for it to be October already! I want to create adorable fall decorations for the house. I think it’s partially the wonderful, crisp weather today that’s really exciting me. And/or procrastination about art history exams…


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Art Education: Greek

Nike of Samothrace is such a beautiful sculpture, even if she is missing her head!

Both styles of Greek art – classical and hellenistc – paid a lot of attention to detail and human bodies. ‘Contraposto’ balance was an important and amazing part of their sculptures – balancing the figure as a human body balances itself (i.e. if one arm moves, a leg has to shift weight, too). Unfortunately, a lot of their amazing sculptures remain today as Roman marble copies because the original bronzes were melted down for weaponry. The Romans couldn’t manage the balancing situation, so a lot of the figures have to be propped up by logs and bridges and vases, etc.

See this example of Hermes and the infant Dionysis has a cross on the right? That’s to keep the sculpture upright because this is a copy. Just Ignore his man parts if they offend you.

We’ve moved from Egyptian art into Greek art and we have our second exam today.
Thursday we’ll be starting Roman art. What I enjoy most about this particular art history class is how the art objects clearly relate to the culture of the people at the time. I can’t really say I felt as intrigued about the 359035 different types of impressionist paintings during art history II – because even though it said a lot about the progress of art at that time, I don’t feel convinced that it says a lot about the culture of people. With ‘Egyptian’ art we learn a lot about who Egyptians were, what they did, what they believed in and how these artifacts relate to their lives.


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Project: Guinea Pig Mansion

I live in a two guinea pig household. We just moved their cage from our office into our living room. The new room combined with the colder weather has cured all of their boredom woes, and it makes me very, very happy! It is so nice to have happy, active piggies again.

To make a long story shorter: pet store cages are awful for small animals. It is easier, nicer, and cheaper to make them a much larger C&C cage (out of those wire grids from Target and corrugated plastic from a craft or sign store). More information can easily be found on Cavy Cages – the website I frequent as my go-to guinea pig resource. (Yes, it DOES worry Boyfriend that I sometimes spend a few hours reading forums about guinea pigs.)

I currently have a 2×5 cage for my piggies, but I’d like to make them something that looks more ‘furniture’ and less ‘cage’. I was really inspired by this DIY IKEA-hack rabbit hutch on Design*Sponge. I’d like to create something the same size (slightly bigger or smaller, depending) as the current cage – just nicer looking. I realized this was possible – and also probably pretty easy – when I found this antique-trunk-turned cage for a different rabbit (supposedly Hilary Swank’s (celebrity bunny?)) in the comments on the same post.

Cute, right?

So, then I did a lot of research (read: internet browsing) and have found a lot of beautiful, wonderful solutions. A lot of the more intricate and interesting cage set-ups are for bunnies, but they’d be easily changed for pigs. You can look at all the different pictures I’ve collected here. This is my favorite cage by far as of right now:


I still have a lot of planning, tinkering, and researching to do. I won’t bore you with ALL of the details right now. Basic details are:

  • open top-cage (tried holding some boards over the cage – just too dark!)
  • making some of the walls more solid (back, maybe the shorter sides?)
  • plywood! (but painted with non-toxic glossy paint, many coats – which apparently is water proof)
  • most likely making one side of it really ‘decorative’ (i.e. like an adorable little cottage with windows, etc.) (this side would be taller and more protective, so we can turn the cage around if lots of guests come over – giving the pigs more security and privacy, and less strange people’s fingers)
  • creating “platforms” within the cage itself (essentially, adding more interest to their cage and extra “floors”, “layers”, what have you – without actually adding extra boxy layers on top of the cage itself so we can get them out easily and maintain a streamlined profile)
  • DIY-ing some adorable hidey-houses

This well definitely be an interesting project! I’ll keep you updated.


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hipster blog?

My new header (and signature) is s0 hipster it hurts. I guess I’m okay with it though. At least I opted against the triangle instead of the heart at the bottom. Oh, well. You win some and you lose some; plus I’ll probably be changing my layout again in a week or so. I’m just very particular about things!


EDIT: Every single time I look at my blog now, I laugh at myself which is awesome. And part of the point of using The Internet without taking yourself too seriously 🙂

Oh, Captain – My Captain

admirable admiral - yet to be OFFICIALLY named

This is the world's best $20 purchase! Got this bad boy at a thrift store in Roswell on Saturday. He's really cool, but sort of judgy-looking. I cleaned him with bread as per this tutorial. More on that later (and by "more on that" I just mean "lots of silly pictures of bread crumbs on his face")

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I’m a bad blogger because…

I never upload pictures from my fancy-schmancy Canon Rebel to my computer, and if I ever take the time to upload them…then I have no where to put them because I’ve put too many things on Flickr and I don’t know how I feel about buying a ‘pro’ account just to show off. You know?
Like, oh, I am a Flickr PRO and I’m shit at photography and don’t you want to look at hundreds of pictures I’ve snapped of details of every day objects? Aren’t I artistic, and full of really good composition? And isn’t it neat that I only shoot in natural day light because that’s my aesthetic (when really, I don’t know enough about lighting).

Anyhoo, my lack of photographs to accompany things that I do makes me feel like all my internet presence is a heck of a lot of talkin’ without walkin’ – as in, I can type my hands off, but without proof of beautiful photos this seems like a waste. No one likes words! DOWN WITH WORDS! Give me beautiful photographs or give me death! You get the message by now, I’m sure.

It’s okay though – I mean, this is mostly more for myself. A place to make paragraphs instead of captions. I mean, my Mom doesn’t even read this anymore (“Oh, you still update that thing…?”). I don’t even know if she knows what the addresses are for any of my internet-related things. I don’t really mind, to be honest. I have way too much of The Internet, anyway.

Point is: I’m going to try and make a better point of updating – WITH beautiful, accompanying photographs. Maybe I’ll ask for Flickr pro for birthday/Christmas. It just seems like such a silly luxury. It’s under $30, but still.

In other news, school is fine. Sort of boring, to be honest. I’m trying to discover useful things to take up my time. Although, it is nice to have a lot of time to just be instead of last year with senior studio and IDSA all at the same time. That was a hectic, stressful stage in my life.

This weekend Boyfriend and I re-arranged some of the furniture in the house, and moved the guinea pigs to the living room. I hope that they’ll be happier and more active if they are closer to me and a window. I also purchased an AMAZING painting from a thrift store this weekend – a crazy-looking sea captain.

October is coming up so quickly! It’s exciting, though. Closer to getting done with this semester, closer to graduating, closer to…things I am unsure about. The Future. I’m more excited about it now – less afraid. Learning a lot about myself along the way.

I have a lot of projects brewing in my mind…I’d like to make a different guinea pig cage, I’d like to make a rolling-rack for coats and shoes to go inside the living room, I’d like to make some benches that curve and fit inside the sun room perfectly – making a window bench of sorts. There’s also some work I’d like to do on some previous studio projects – as well as the never-ending updating of resumes, portfolios, work samples, press kits, etc. I MIGHT EVEN START VOLUNTEERING! Ah. It’s nice to have so many options.

Life is fine and dandy!

3.5 Weeks

Almost a month into school already and it is all 100% still unbalanced and ridiculous!

3.5 weeks of school, with each of the first three weeks with totally different schedules (no lab the first week, then lab the second week, then no school Monday last week, now this week…). Plus I was sick last week, sort of screwing everything up.

I’ve already had one test in one class, and will be having one test in the other two classes that require tests next week on the SAME DAY.

Ugh! Whatever. Just need to get some sleep. Eyes on the prize. Get the hell done with this.

Trying to wrap my head around…

WHY the ‘swoosh’ symbol for Nike has meaning, while “swooshes” used for other sports brands do not…? Like, why does Nike get to be the swoosh? Doe a swoosh mean much of anything? No. But it’s been that way for 30 years – more years than I have been alive. So is that what makes it recognizable, that it’s just been around forever?

I struggle so hard with this 😦

Logo Woes

I am having a difficult time creating the right logo for my internship. My boss is really nice and gives a lot of honest, blunt feedback (necessary and good), but it’s like I’m just not getting it. I’ve never done a logo before – or at least, not in such detail. I feel like I keep re-drawing the same stuff over and over and over again, without coming up with anything new at all.
Plus I’ve gotten really sick this week, so now it’s a combination of feeling sick and wanting to not do anything at all and then feeling bad because I’ve sort of put this off because I’m sick…procrastination machine!

Anyway, I’m going to have a snack, another cup of tea, and I’m going to find every sheet of paper from this project and all the notes from it and re-group. I need to re-read and re-write all of the notes I’ve gotten on this whole project and start again. And I need to somehow get more enthused – NOT that I’m not excited or enthusiastic, but I’m just down on myself for not being able to come up with more quality things quicker…

I’ll come back with more organized things! Hooray!

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