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on how it’s crunch weeeeeeek

I have been down. I have been out. But I’m back nowwwww!
Ok, in all seriousness, I’ve been lame, I’ve been tired, I’ve been sick and unmotivated and procrastinating because I’m behind – which only puts me further and further behind.
However, this week is crunch week and there’s so much to do, it makes me feel like I could pick up a mountain or something because it is business timeeeeeee. And I’ve got to get down to it.
I guess the only singular comforting thing about being slightly behind is knowing that getting the concept right, even if the deliverables aren’t all that, is the most important part of a project. Especially because there’s always opportunity to re-do projects for portfolio, but it’s worth the presentation to have your project concept well developed and concise.

I’m making progress on everything involved in this project at the moment. I’m going to lathe today after lunch to get the curves of my form figured out, because I want to transpose the same form from the pasta extruder to the peeler and the ice cream maker. I’m researching portions and serving sizes to see if those can drive my product proportions better, as well as the hand-span of children in my age range so that they can actually hold and use the products I’m making. I’m hoping to 3D print the pasta extruder because I think it’s important to see the screw-threaded interaction points, and having a solid lump of sine foam wouldn’t quite cut it (for me personally) – which means that I need to get into SolidWorks and get everything done ASAP. I’m almost done making the handle that will be used in all three products; it’s a nice blend of geometric shapes (squares, triangles, circles) that are really aesthetically interesting.

I’m currently having problems determining how much serving sizes/portions should drive my product proportions. I feel like using serving sizes literally would drive the ‘health’ point home, but I’m concerned that sticking so closely to them might cause some gross products…? Or some awkward proportions, since an average family size is 4, but I like multiples of 3 and children’s hands are so small. Hmm.
Materials are pretty much already determined, I’m just figuring out details from already-existing products [i.e. how much space allowance around a pint-sized canister of ice cream is needed for salt and coolant substances in a hand-cranked ice cream maker?]. But I’m excited, or running off of adrenaline, either/or and I’m getting on to stuff that I wouldn’t be so ashamed to claim.

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full steam ahead!

This semester seems a lot more intensive in a much shorter amount of time than last semester. I am both excited and thoroughly nauseous about how busy I know I will be for the next for months. I hope that I get more accustomed to this switch in sleeping schedules so that I can manage my time more efficiently when I am done with classes, because as of right now I’m running out of steam too soon after I’m done with “school” and need to start in on my ‘school work’.

I’m really glad with the three words I picked for this project – fresh, quirky, and honest. I want to create a set that is modern, a little bit unique/cutesy/”different” from normal sets that are just aligned along a straight vertical axis, and honest both in form that is pure, simple, and bold with clean lines and in materiality that is natural and simple and true to itself (i.e. not trying to make something forced out of metal when wood would do). I made a mood board last night out of magazine cut-outs (it has a lovely arts&crafts feel). I like how David summarized my board by calling it “nature pop” – which was in line with my intentions of making something fresh, new, layered and natural.

We have to draw FIVE WHOLE, COMPLETE, DETAILED concepts with material call-outs and perspective and sections and etc. for Friday which is a difficult challenge, however I’m really glad that we seem to be stressing the importance of doing the same, if not more, work at the beginning of a project than at the end when it gets stressful and impossible-seeming.
I did a lot of brainstorming and word associations today to figure out what I really want to “say” with each separate concept; I tried to lay down rules for geometry and materiality for each “set” so that they would be distinctly different.
I’m also pretty inspired after a trip to Ikea to look at material choices and shapes for their mass reproduced dinnerware; some of their plates are SO flat!

I really enjoyed the exercise we did at the beginning of class today – David told us all to sketch a dinnerware trio in 15 minutes, then he mixed them up and passed them back out to students that hadn’t done the original drawings and asked them to present the drawing as if it was their own concept. Doing the exercise taught me some important things
1. I am good at BS-ing [which I like to think is due to the poetic “writer” in me that knows her way around metaphors and symbolism]
2. Details really ARE important in product sketching! Who knew!
3. How to draw those curvy lines that show form without making them look silly (the name of which I cannot currently remember, which, in turn, makes me feel silly)
We also did another interesting “real life” exercise during which the person sitting in front of us named a designed object (guitar, chair, toaster, laptop, etc.) and we had to sketch it in 30 seconds on a white board in front of the rest of our classmates. In regards to that exercise, I need to stop panicking around people when I draw because it just makes my sketches wayyyy worse and stop drawing spatula stools because NO one would buy them.

And as a last note before I go to bed, I am really glad to be back in studio and surrounded by classmates and a teacher that all seem genuinely interested and enthusiastic in what we’re doing. It’s comforting to know that we all have the same general goal of becoming better – in whatever capacity that applies to each individual. [Awww! Just a little cheesy!] [But seriously.]

(ps. get the title joke? because we’re doing cups, and cups can hold hot drinks like tea which have steam. Ha-Ha!)

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I can’t decide if the reason why all of this studio work seems to be taking FOREVER is because:
a) I’m a bad designer
b) I’m a good designer
c) I’m tired and can’t make better, more concious design decisions
d) This kind of work usually takes this effing long
e) all of the above

Sure, I have a lot done – but I don’t have anything in my hands yet and I thought I’d be even further along already. Oh well – can’t stop now, of course. I’m just tired.

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