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“Marilyn Monroe is dead”

I’m brain-blocked.
Digging this stuff I found, tho
1. a shelf system that also doubles as a ladder/step-stool deal
2. & 3. sweet wood and metal bracelets

Materials class kinda got me down today since Leffler started the class by telling us that “when” terrorists strike again, all of us ID kids will need new careers. I talked about it a little with Jes at dinner, but I don’t feel any better. Design is so subjective and so overlooked. It’s frustrating when people try to tell me that all I do is doodle and that my major is silly [or they make it seem that way when the guffaw at projects].
They clearly don’t understand how industrial design impacts the world.
Remember the dust-buster? The easier-to-hold Gatorade bottle? The Studebaker Avanti?
You’re welcome.
So I guess what it means to be a designer is to understand that we are everyday superheroes, and that we do have the ability, power, and responsibility to change the world – but we have to understand that not everyone will appreciate what we do for them, and that our work will often be behind the scenes and almost unaccounted for (but probably remembered years after we’re gone, like some of the great artists).

I know people think they know what it means to have studio, but they don’t.
And I don’t care how many freaking lab classes you take, or what it was like for you in college, or how HARD it is for you to sit on a couch and write papers; what we do is just different.

I still don’t have a ‘direction’, but I feel like I’m finally creeping towards the edge of something more concrete somehow.
I am tired (and apparently whiney).
I want to do a thousand things at once.

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