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so fresh and so green green

So far, things seem to be going really swell.
I have the concept of how it moves from flat to working figured out (twist the whole thing into tension and keep it in place with slats, a la traditional flat-packed stuff), and I’m pretty confident in the way I want to package it (seed-impregnated, hand-made paper from cotton rags left over from textile mills [no need to waste tree pulp!], a la a gum-wrapper, with a pull string to open the package). I’m still looking at simplifying and perfecting the shape of the spoon end, and fine-tuning the tines of the fork. I just need to work out the fine fine details (package graphics, hand cut vs. laser cut the spoonfork), actually put it all together (make stuff that works!), find a different wood-substitute (the birch veneer I have right now keeps snapping) and actually finish everything (models, possible 3D models, renderings, boards, plot, sleep and shower before Friday at 12:30).

Point being: I’m really digging my idea, I’m not panicky quite yet, and I have a decent amount of time to ‘knock this out’. Not to mention nothing has gone too terribly wrong yet (minus the wood snapping, and not figuring out how to make a perforated package well – but both not big deals).

Who wants to pre-order some Seedling Silverware? [Name subject to change.]

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