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alt branding and rebranding

I’m pretty easily entertained by HRO on a regular basis; but specifically today the post about rebranding Pepsi products made me giggle real bad.

The post about shoes is also funny; the part about Converse made me smile.

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just a little bit more

I’m really digging the idea of making some “customization” kits as my promotional item for this third project. Right now I’m playing around with the idea of ‘live in your shoes’ or something like that; I really need to get some catchy zingers worked out for my kits to be super successful. Thus far I’ve tinkered with the idea of dirt/mud, tire treads, grass stains, paint, soy sauce, and make-up (?).

It has to be funny, and it has to be right so I still have a lot to think about.

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blame it on the weather man.

This week has been slow and awful. I feel sort of discouraged about design this week because my lack of sketching skills frustrates me instead of inspires me to sketch more. I don’t know what I want to design, and I don’t know how or when I’m really going to get the opportunity to explore all the areas that I think I’m interested in. For instance, I love shoes and I would love to get into shoe design because I think there are a lot of form details about heels and color and texture transitions that haven’t been explored yet, but I know I currently can’t sketch at that level and I also feel like my personal style doesn’t translate or show “Hey, I really dig interesting shoes.” I guess I just don’t feel like my personal design aesthetics are matching up with my projects or my personal style, and it’s causing me a little bit of cognitive dissonance.
Bleggggh. I’m just happy the rain saved me money on getting my car washed.

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what’s on your feet?

Can I design shoes with my ID degree?
I love shoes, y’all.

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