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on past and present tense

Ok, I’ll admit it: I scammed on writing a blog entry about the review on Monday, as if that wasn’t crystal clear yet. Monday was a pretty awful day; I was really sick, barely holding it together, and pretty bummed out by the “reality check” talk that our professor and the reviewer gave us. I understood that it was necessary to get the truth out there and understand what it’s really like, but sometimes it feels like no one in this program really actually bothered to give us basic tools at the beginning of our education – but we, as students, are the ones that get ‘blamed’ for not trying to figure out our own design education. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just feel like someone should teach me something before they grill me on getting it wrong and then ask me to re-do it [a la the ‘storyboard’ situation sophomore year]. We had a pretty open discussion in class this morning to get any aggravations out of the way, and it really helped to hash it out a little bit. I’m worried that some people are still a little discouraged, and I don’t want that for anyone. It’s an uphill battle, and we’re all stuck in it. No one wants to quit, but it’s hard to keep fighting for something when it seems like some of the professors and advisers don’t seem very willing to help or communicate with each other. If we have a required class that we need to take, we shouldn’t be notified about it through an email a day into the new semester – we should know over break.
Regardless, I’m on the same page as Sarah when she says that coming to Georgia Tech out of state and that doing this major was a risk, and that she’s going to make the most of it.

The truth is that I should have figured out a better form earlier on, and gotten my head on straight, and then thought about important details – like materials and manufacturing. There are no excuses; I should have thought about all the details, not just half of them. Would a better course on SolidWorks have helped me spend less time on renderings? Yes, it would have. But would that have helped me with time management or form development? No. I’ve got to work smarter, not harder. I just can’t simply quit now; I think quitting now would be more disappointing in the long run. And honestly, I think if I got out of my head more and practiced sketching, that I wouldn’t be half as bad as I think I am.

On an unrelated-but-also-interesting-note, I’m starting to work on something that’s going to be huge with Jesse. We’re going to make an impact here at Tech, and we’re going to mix things up in the best sense possible. I just don’t want to ruin it until it’s ready; no reason to let the cat out of the bag to see that the cat’s kinda gross and bald.

Finally, to refocus on the tasks at hand – this second project, portfolio review, career fair, NYC trip (!!!) , and IDSA conference are all arriving soon.
For Friday I need to have an idea of the three kitchen appliances I want to create, a brand name, and a problem statement about my opportunity. A man that was around for the very beginning of Mr. Coffee talked to us today; it was amazing and I had no idea how gangster Mr. Coffee was. In 1972, Mr. Coffee came out as a replacement for bitter percolators, and by 1976 they were producing 6.5 million coffee makers!

Also, I wish I knew InDesign better because I want to work on a portfolio and I’ve HEARD that it’s “omfg, soooo much better than Illustrator” BUT I don’t know how to use it for what it’s good for.

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on how I need a new alarm clock + look at what I made!

I did one of those things that no design student should ever really do… sleep through the important part of a review 😦
If only magic and/or mind-reading were real, perhaps someone could’ve put my finished boards up for me instead of just calling to see if I was ok (and for future reference I am silly and turn my phone off when I go to bed – but this example might force me to finally change my habit).
At least it was reassuring to hear so many people concerned about my well-being, and it was nice for some pretty good designers to ask to see my work after class anyway [!]

I’m putting up a majority of the work I’ve done since the beginning of this project, beginning with my super cute arts&crafts mood board and ending with my current 3D computer models via SolidWorks. Any and all criticism is HIGHLY encouraged! Really. Please.

Jackson already mentioned the following to me:
– pick-up-ability of the plate? it looks chunky and hard to hold in your hand
– define your target words [I did; see above]
– it doesn’t seem honest, more secretive and ‘hiding’
– the size reversal of having the cup small and the saucer bigger is quirky

And I need to add context, both in terms of hands & lips and other tableware, like silverware.

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Give Me 3′ is a WRAP!

No, really, the Give Me 3′ is a bag. But it’s been reviewed! And the review went well, in my opinion. I’m pretty proud of what Allison and I accomplished with our not-exactly-professional sewing skills. And I’m incredibly happy that Chris is so good at sketching and rendering (see his fantastic work on his design blog).The reviewers had a lot of helpful and constructive criticism; their positive comments made me happy, and they also asked a lot of good questions and brought up some good things to think about for future design changes. I think that this project’s review is one of my more favorite ones from this semester – the first project was good, the second project I didn’t really think about a lot of important things that I should’ve thought more about, the third project did not turn out the way I wanted it to – but I went into this project confident with our design choices, and open to suggestions because it was ‘just a prototype’ and we did what we could with materials and assembly. Sure, we made mistakes (like leaving way too much extra on the straps so that they didn’t fit the way we had envisioned in, and then NOT pining it for the review), but we already had ideas for what we would do if we did further designs on the project – making it available in different sizes, customizable colors, the ability to change what shoulder it would be on, and the map area that is most applicable to the customer’s location [this could apply to other cities around the country and the world]. I was sort of surprised to hear that people thought it would be good for actual commuters to their offices, when we were trying to target teenager and college student commuters.

Jackson, Cristina, and Ben’s MARTA project was probably the most amazing one from this overall project brief, and they did a really good job of assigning each person something to do. That project will be an amazing addition to their portfolio because of the amount of detail they put into each aspect (I’m a smidgen jealous).

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and it all came tumbling out.

Now that I have been away from that godforsaken computer lab in 104 for a few days, and have already started our final project for the semester I am feeling a little less completely consumed by bitter rage as I previously felt [circa Friday’s review around 2pm]. I have even gone back to liking packaging, and have even found a stellar site that is all about it The Dieline [thanks to following FFFFOUND! on tumblr that posted some stuff from thedieline.com – isn’t the internet a funny little thing (or rather, never-endingly-huge)?]
I am proud of what I accomplished for the third project in theory and in graphics – which I was actually done with Wednesday night. I am not proud of the “end result” I produced for Friday’s review. I just couldn’t get things together, and it seems as if everything that could go wrong did, of course, go terribly wrong. I think that if every project this semester had gone so generally smoothly as they had been going, that perhaps the karma backlash I would’ve experienced would have been much more devastating than the one that I did have. I was burnt out and angry over being in that stupid, small computer room for so many days in a row with what seemed like nothing to show for it – but, of course, as a simple third year student I had simply forgotten that all projects are for the greater good of THE PORTFOLIO and not necessarily ‘the review.’ Days, MANY extra hours of sleep and some good meals of chips&dip and/or nachos [to ease the ‘WTF STUDIO SUCKED’ pains] later, I am back to being a happy little studio worker and am looking forward to this new project.

Project Four is a serious group project about non-motorized transportation. I’m working with Allison, one of my loverly former roommates, and Chris, a boy that can sketch like nobody’s business, on wheel-related transportation. I’m not usually a group project person, but thus far, I’m very happy with my group and I know that they’re both fantastic designers/hard workers. Looking forward to what this project has in store.

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get chucked?

I’m at the point in this project where I really need to be able to say exactly the right thing on my packaging, but I’m not finding the words for it just yet.
I have, however, concocted the perfect outfit for Friday’s review.
If you can think of any brilliant cliches/sayings/one-liners/quips about shoes/memories/dirt/life/living/experiences/etc. [think Converse, music, sports, youth, living, all those silly little punk kids wearing their junky, ripped up shoes and something inspiring BUT funny to say to them that sums up their whole headspace], pass ’em my way please&thanks.

Everything is fine so far. We’ll see what happens.

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