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on kitchen ware inspirations

((and precedents))
Cribcandy is a one website stop to check out a whole lot of neat household products at once. I’ve been garnering some inspiration and precedents from the interwebz because despite living alone off-campus, I don’t actually own a lot of kitchen appliances (or cook anything all that eccentric) [I do have a coffee maker, a toaster oven that I always burn things in, and a small George Foreman grill to go with my stove, microwave, dishwasher, and fridge-freezer combo). The whole point of this assignment, to me, anyway, is to define the way things are done in a kitchen – which is a wonderful opportunity for someone that doesn’t spend too much time there – right?!?!

1. “hot stones” that cook food [because I am obsessed with stones (and antlers, but those never cross over into my product design {yet})]
2. ‘RAD RAB’bit hand mixer – fun and cute!
3. a roll-up frying pan that can roll up or hang on the wall
4. ‘dishwasher wall mural’ [sort of similar to one of Krystal Persuad’s projects] – a cool idea for the interaction between “machine” and user – > making something boring into art
5. Animal House kitchen tools – > none of these are electric BUT they’re cute and fun and ergonomic [I have the toucan can opener]

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