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Planetary: Imogen Belfield

Nature and architecture seem to be a great source of inspiration for lots of beautiful things! Like this week’s Planetary feature on Imogen Belfield’s jewelry.

Imogen Belfied creates ‘experimentalist’ jewelery with a combination of different, interesting materials including porcelain, bronze, silver, steel, and gold. All of her pieces are hand-crafted and all of her pieces that use porcelain fused with metal are unique and individual; they cannot be recreated.

Experimenting with porcelain, gemstones, metals, dyes and glaze and creating casts from paper, plastics and even fruits, she aims to create work that is at once beautiful and challenging; modern yet classic, bold yet subtle. (via)

Beautiful and challenging, modern yet classic, bold yet subtle? Things we all strive for!

More of her work can be seen here.


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