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Eureka, perhaps?

Oh man, I never even thought about being able to put seeds in the paper packaging of my product. I don’t know much this changes my whole idea yet. Should just the package have seeds, and then the spoonfork be the plant tag? That seems a lot more realistic than having seeds somehow inside the tips of the fork, because I honestly question if seeds cast inside of a biodegradable resin/substance would be able to germinate when the rest of the utensil starts decomposing.
I’m also really inspired by the individually wrapped tea packets where the tag-thingy at the end of the tea bag is integrated into the paper packet that holds the whole thing [I hope that was comprehendable].
I’m starting to feel a little better.

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Panic, Procrastination, Plants, Plotting, Etc.

I’m panicky, so I’ve been procrastinating – despite having a more solid idea that I actually like (despite it being David’s, originally, and how I feel silly for not being able to think of anything better [all I could contemplate was trying to push people to wear/keep their “sustainable” cutlery around them more, but who wants to wear a spoonfork bracelet that they were just eating curry off of?!]). I have four days to make some magic happen, except now its more like three, but really its like one because I have to work both Tuesday and Thursday night [lame. I need a different job. Suggestions welcome for some sort of job that is more on the weekend-days, and not on the night before projects are due].

1. Research the hell out of things tonight
2. Do all sorts of models all day/night tomorrow
3. Have something pretty damn concrete for Wednesday [obvi]
4. Start/get some significant board work done Wednesday night/Thursday morning
5. Plot Thursday night (mid-day if possible, but that’s a long shot)
6. Sleep some
**drink lots of my new hazelnut cream coffee along the way
***pray that the cold gets better, not worse [yeah, right]
Also: manage to somehow clean and organize for the arrival of my parents on Friday for the three day weekend, and find a cute ‘native american’ costume

So, I’m currently researching into/thinking of: herb gardens, plant tags, packaging, fortune cookies, those jokes on popsicle sticks, laser-cutting some flat-pack spoonfork that gets turned/twisted/put/pushed/moved into ‘tension’ to create an actual “spoon” – and I’m playing with some Bristol

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