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Creating Color: Dusty Tones

[from top to bottom hex code #s: #EABE45, #575348, #CA5E48, #325A72, #CDC3B3]

I’ve been collecting different images that have color palettes and aesthetics that I like (you can see them here). I think it’s important as a ‘creative’ to be able to know what it is that you do and don’t like, so part of my ‘collecting’ is for fun AND learning.

The above credenza is an upcycled piece from Think Contemporary (via). I really love their use of dusty, almost primary colors with that grey. The off-white walls behind really complement the picture and their color choices. I usually don’t go for non-saturated, dusty colors like this but I think that with their styling it really works. And it evokes a very South-Western, desert feel for me – which is a trend I am a fan of lately!


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