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Thanks, Rose

Our bag protoype is done [hooray!], and we’re currently working on our boards [altho I am rather distracted because I stupidly started a new book and I would rather read than research, and also because school computers have internet and my computer is ‘unable to find wireless’ even when it sits next to my modem. blahhh. ], so I’m looking up even MORE facts than I previously did about why people really SHOULD ride bikes and I stumbled across something rather fun and interesting:
wheel-lightsweet light up bike, brah

Also, hooray for run-on sentences AND sentence fragments [clearly not in the same “sentence”, though]! And cheers for trying to figure out the rest of my life in an evening! No, no – not the rest of my life – simply the next three semester of my life as an ID in studio and what I plan to do during them. Dang.

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whatcha gonna do?

I’ve been asked what I want to do with my life a lot recently; or more like, I’ve been asked what I want to do with my life recently and it seems to be sticking out in my memory more.
I don’t know what I want to do because I don’t feel like I know what I’m good at, and I don’t feel like I can confidently say to someone “I want to have a giraffe farm” or “I want to do interior lighting” or “I’m interested in exhibit and space design.”

Is there a certain point in time when you wake up and think, “Now I am a designer. I’m going to call myself a designer when I describe myself and I really am one, too.” ?
But is this lack of confidence in ‘believing in the designer in me’ keeping me from being my ‘best possible designer self’? [with all the humor that I’m sure that provides, I also mean it 100% seriously]

If only I could be a professional thinker.
I can out-think everyone I know – except for Sam Brown.

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