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Sand sand sand

Studio isn’t studio unless something is wrong; at least that’s how it goes for me.
That being said, nothing is TOO terribly wrong except that I can’t actually finish my pebbles until right before the presentation because the lights will get too dim if I tape the whole circuit deal together too soon. I am not too bummed about this because it’s going to be easy to “fake” it for some pictures to put on my board and everything is on schedule and perfectly fine…
But I am bummed because once I glue the caps on my pebbles with the LEDs “on” inside of them and they finally burn out and die, then I’ll be left with a whole lot of white pebbles that don’t light up.
And that won’t be as cool of an addition to my apartment as I had hoped because I was hoping I could put this dish and these pebbles on my actual coffee table at home and potentially use them as I intended the product to be used.
For now, I’m still just sand sand sanding my pebbles in-between sanding, priming, sanding, spackling, sanding, priming, sanding and painting (and sanding) my dish.
I’m hoping for a late-night pebble photoshoot in the apartment; maybe throwing in some context with my sweet Ikea coffee table and/or couch.
Blah blah blah.
Everything is fine and nothing hurts [except my ears. LAME. Boo GT Health Services]

I’ve been testing a complete LED & battery pack since 3:30 and it’s still running pretty well; I’ve been taking it everywhere to make sure it doesn’t die when I’m not looking – rather reminiscent of having a “baby” for health class or something. Colleen said that most battery/LED deals lasts 150 hours on average, so it should work out for the project at least. Jake had some ideas on how to make the ‘caps’ removable now, so I need to play around with that, too.

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calm, before the storm

I am nervous that I’m not nervous yet.
I’m still hanging out in this rather calm area before the storm, and everything is moving along pretty well. My pebbles are currently printing dowstairs and should be done when I get off work. I cut my dish out of sign foam [more like watched while someone did it for me], and I’ve already started sanding it. I plan on sanding, priming, and painting my dish tonight after work. I already have the LEDs broken out of the cheap key chains I got at Party City, so I need to get those set and ready to put into the pebbles, but I’ve already played around with that and it shouldn’t be bad.
The storm I’m waiting for is what the 3D printer is actually going to give me when its done printing. I’m concerned that I didn’t measure/think enough about how big the “slices” off the end are – so I’m not certain I can fit my LEDs, complete with batteries, into all of my pebbles yet. But there’s nothing I can do about that right now. If some of them don’t work, I’ll probably just make my boards with what does work, and then 3D print some new pebbles later when everyone else isn’t freaking out and trying to get stuff printed. I also don’t know if the shells are too thin to sand smooth without breaking…but again, nothing I can do until I have them in my hands.
So far, so good.
Also, I found my jumpdrive!

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induction insanity.

I’ve made some solid design decisions that I’m pleased with thus far. For instance, I know I want to make one base that really promotes the whole concept of the product, and offer it in different colors and finishes instead of offering different base styles.
However, I am not pleased that the more I learn about the technology that seems ‘so easy’ that everyone throws around like its no big deal [Oh yeah, you know, LEDs, induction charging, whateverrrr], the more I realize I am so so far behind. How am I supposed to even learn enough about this stuff in two weeks, let alone make it all work? I feel sort of sick to my stomach.
I don’t even know where to begin with making or even buying materials for this…
Altho I did find some sweet Graffiti + LED stuff.
I want some coffee and some au gratin poatoes – STAT.

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