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on project 3 and epic cross-country trips

http://www.ATLtoNYC.com kicks off tomorrow late afternoon! Today we mostly talked about trip details and questions, etc.
I’m pretty excited! I just looked up some information on Crush +  Lovely, our first studio tour on Wednesday, and the store Future Perfect. Crush + Lovely, formerly Boom Design Group, does interwebz work which should be really fun – their studio looks pretty chill. And they like dancing, and I like dancing so that seems like a fun pairing 🙂
The Future Perfect store will probably make me cringe with joy because of all the lovely, unique things inside of it that I have no chance in hell of ever being able to purchase until I am 50 and live in a house.

Project 3 is a group project focusing on workspaces; my group is attempting to do observational research at banks but I feel like that’s dangerous ? So we may have to re-focus. We have a lot of research time to put in, but we’re going to be gone to NYC. So hey, NYC banks! Fun! From what I remember about the beginning brief of this project is that we’ll be spending more time actually creating full-scale things, which should be very awesome.

I think I’m a smidgen jet-lagged from being in Italy all week, SO sleeping on the Comfortivity bus should be an interesting experience, too. What makes me most excited about this trip is how well our studio gets along! Or gets along now, before a lot of time being confined to small spaces together. I know this trip will be fantastic, I just wish I had an extra day to clean up around my apartment and settle on my couch before I pick up and leave again, but alas, such is my life [joke. I am totally stoked to be able to go to Italy, NYC, and New Orleans all in one year (would have been better spaced out over three months, instead of all in one, but how can I truly complain?!)!!]

Spring is here, everyone is moving and shaking and the grass is green again. Seems a lot of people are doing a lot of changing and migrating right now; hope we all stay safe and happy as the end of this school year comes to a close, and I come *thatmuch* closer to my senior year of studio.

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on building custom themes

Off-topic, but I’m totally interested in writing my own CSS themes for my various internetz – and WebDesignerWall has a really good how-to guide on building a custom theme.

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on kitchen ware inspirations

((and precedents))
Cribcandy is a one website stop to check out a whole lot of neat household products at once. I’ve been garnering some inspiration and precedents from the interwebz because despite living alone off-campus, I don’t actually own a lot of kitchen appliances (or cook anything all that eccentric) [I do have a coffee maker, a toaster oven that I always burn things in, and a small George Foreman grill to go with my stove, microwave, dishwasher, and fridge-freezer combo). The whole point of this assignment, to me, anyway, is to define the way things are done in a kitchen – which is a wonderful opportunity for someone that doesn’t spend too much time there – right?!?!

1. “hot stones” that cook food [because I am obsessed with stones (and antlers, but those never cross over into my product design {yet})]
2. ‘RAD RAB’bit hand mixer – fun and cute!
3. a roll-up frying pan that can roll up or hang on the wall
4. ‘dishwasher wall mural’ [sort of similar to one of Krystal Persuad’s projects] – a cool idea for the interaction between “machine” and user – > making something boring into art
5. Animal House kitchen tools – > none of these are electric BUT they’re cute and fun and ergonomic [I have the toucan can opener]

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