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go granny, go granny, go

So, here’s a moment for me to be rather honest:
I am not excited about this project and I’m having difficulty thinking about it because growing old is one of my fears. I know its natural and normal to be old, but I am in no way looking forward to it so I don’t like thinking about it or discussing it. Not to say I don’t love older people; my family is great, and all power to them for being so vibrant and healthy and wonderful (my grandfather is one of my heroes for being so brave and so vigilent, and my great grandmother is 99 and freaking awesome). I’m just personally disgusted at the thought of my body falling apart more than it already has…

But in an attempt to get down to business: Continue reading

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can’t nail them to the wall

What does it mean to be a designer?

Everytime I get asked that question, I immediately say, “I don’t know.”
I don’t know. I’m shaking my head right now.

I’ve been trying to answer this question since the first day of this semester, when we had to fill out those ID surveys – or more like, I’ve been trying to concisely and eloquently answer this question since then.

I guess the true story goes a little like this: Continue reading

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