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on how the internet is large and small at the same time

I think I just died a little bit and went to heaven BECAUSE one of my favorite websites, TheDieline.com (that I mentioned in a previous post), used a picture from one of the posts I wrote about the Converse branding project in their article “Buying In” and linked me!
That’s the second site that has put me as a link in one of their articles!
(Also, I’ve been getting a lot of visitors through AlphaInventions.com – which I fully appreciate and don’t understand at the same time [despite reading the “What is AlpaInventions.com?” page]!)

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alt branding and rebranding

I’m pretty easily entertained by HRO on a regular basis; but specifically today the post about rebranding Pepsi products made me giggle real bad.

The post about shoes is also funny; the part about Converse made me smile.

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get chucked?

I’m at the point in this project where I really need to be able to say exactly the right thing on my packaging, but I’m not finding the words for it just yet.
I have, however, concocted the perfect outfit for Friday’s review.
If you can think of any brilliant cliches/sayings/one-liners/quips about shoes/memories/dirt/life/living/experiences/etc. [think Converse, music, sports, youth, living, all those silly little punk kids wearing their junky, ripped up shoes and something inspiring BUT funny to say to them that sums up their whole headspace], pass ’em my way please&thanks.

Everything is fine so far. We’ll see what happens.

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We’re working on a new project for studio all about branding and it’s right up my alley. Right now I’m doing some research on Chuck Taylor and the classic “Converse All-Stars” which is hilarious since DVA annnnnd my Mom greatly dislike them. Anyhoo, I found out that some kid has the world record for owning over 1,000 pairs (gross). Not to mention that he own’s a LOT more shoes than I do. See, Mom? My shoe collection isn’t really that bad!

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