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Got my personal branding done up the right way. My favorite detail? The little CMYK E-stars on the edge of the envelope.



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Playing with Photoshop Smart Objects

Ever have one of those revolutionary moments that you’re sort of shocked your brain can handle the aftermath of? Enter smart objects in Photoshop that make stationary and branding mock-ups super easy and crazy fun. I just recently threw these together. Love it!





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Working On: Business Cards

I’ve been working hard on business cards for what feels like forever, and I’m aiming for three different business card designs:
1. Double-sided design to give to people in person for impressions
(this might end up being a one-sided design with an open space on the back for comments about our meeting, like ‘Thanks for the coffee! Call me!’)
2. One-sided awesome design to leave places and give to people that are awesome/close friends/know me already
(something bold and exciting that doesn’t have to match all the other boring ‘branded stuff’)
3. One more simple design for super professional settings and to go in the folder of my press kit
(that matches my resume well, and just looks polished)

Why do I want to do so many different cards? Because I like to have options, and I think it’s important to be prepared. Having a variety of cards lends itself well to different situations and different meetings with people of various backgrounds (small firms, more out-there firms, large corporations, you get the picture).

Here are my three different card ideas so far (please pardon my tardiness because I’ve come down with an awful cold this week):

1.) a two-sided card

Note that these are all still works in progress, because I haven’t really experimented with typefaces too much yet (at least not much on the card pictured above).

2.) the one-sided card

I like the design of this card a lot, but it doesn’t really match anything else. I think that’s okay. Maybe? I think it would be fun to print it with a reversed copy on the back, so it sort of shows you that it’s one-sided, instead of just being blank on the back. There’s still some fine-tuning that needs to be done with the information text so that it’s a little more readable, but I really do like this design. (This design is like my baby, I really like it ever so much, but I think that more traditional designers would say that if I like it so much, I should let it go.)

3.) simple

This is the one that would be tucked into a press-kit folder, and therefore doesn’t have a back to show people. It’s a little shy, I suppose. It also might need some extra information about me, but then it feels too cluttered. We’ll see.

In class the other day we were discussing that business cards might become obsolete with the use of smart phones and QR codes (those pixelated squares that you can scan and information pops up). I don’t believe that we’ll truly become separated from our analog, physical objects for a long time, if ever. I just don’t think enough people will own and use smart phones to make QR codes the standard, and to forget business cards altogether. What do you think?


Ps. The top photo is from Brand New, a website that showcases re-branding of major companies, and shows the re-branding and new logo of Time Warner Cable. I enjoy browsing through their posts to see how companies try to keep themselves ‘modern’; always interesting to read the comments, too (which usually come from fellow designers).

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on kitchen appliance and children research

I’m feeling a lot better today after class than I was at the beginning of class today. I’m really proud of all the work I did in figuring out my two different brands/problem statements because I know what I want to do and I don’t have to take the time to figure it out now when I’m supposed to be figuring out details on my product concepts. AND it’s nice to have at least started some work on a portfolio – even if I have a LONGGGGG way to go still.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a lot more to do – because I have a ton of research to do so that I make informed design decisions about my appliances – but it does mean that doing research is a lot more focused and more fun, instead of frustrating.

Criteria to focus on for Wednesday:
1. safety/data/etc. -> already acknowledged safety regulations, data on what’s appropriate
[Random, but did you know that EasyBake ovens got recalled in 2k7 when children started LOSING FINGERTIPS inside of the ‘oven’ part?!]
2. health and nutrition -> push these facts, know them well, why and how are the products reinforcing healthy eating/life?
3. what exists -> competition, benchmarking, how can I make mine better? different?
4. who? what can they do? -> cognitive abilities of children, what kind of parents/households is this for? EVEN MORE specific targets
5. situation -> is this for home? school? when? what time? who will be there? supervised?

Three things to focus on for this project as a whole: safety, health, and fun
And I need to get my research done right so that there are no iffy questions about technicalities – just focus on the products

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alt branding and rebranding

I’m pretty easily entertained by HRO on a regular basis; but specifically today the post about rebranding Pepsi products made me giggle real bad.

The post about shoes is also funny; the part about Converse made me smile.

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We’re working on a new project for studio all about branding and it’s right up my alley. Right now I’m doing some research on Chuck Taylor and the classic “Converse All-Stars” which is hilarious since DVA annnnnd my Mom greatly dislike them. Anyhoo, I found out that some kid has the world record for owning over 1,000 pairs (gross). Not to mention that he own’s a LOT more shoes than I do. See, Mom? My shoe collection isn’t really that bad!

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Mac Mockery?

This is an example of a ‘predicted product’ for the Apple iPhone before the first generation iPhone actually arrived on the scene. Would this be an acceptable product according to the well-established Apple product brand? Yes and no. The color scheme and represented materials seem dead on with the brushed aluminum and the shiny white. The click wheel is a pretty ingenious combination of the already established iPod click-wheel technology and the old school phones with the rotary dial deal [you know, the phones where you have to put your finger in the plastic wheel part and crank the dial around to the right numbers?]. However, I doubt the sizes of the screens and the overall proportions of this phone since Apple is pretty prone to using the golden rectangle; especially the tiny tiny screen on the front of the phone. Not to mention that the way the screen on the top of the phone is inset is off a little on the bottom; usually the extra space on Apple music players is below the screen, not at the top. The curved corners look about right, but I haven’t measured to see if they’re actually accurate. I also doubt that the first iPhone would have ever been made to look like it was mimicking the Motorola Razr – not exactly like Apple to come out with something similar to other things on the market.

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