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Logo Woes

I am having a difficult time creating the right logo for my internship. My boss is really nice and gives a lot of honest, blunt feedback (necessary and good), but it’s like I’m just not getting it. I’ve never done a logo before – or at least, not in such detail. I feel like I keep re-drawing the same stuff over and over and over again, without coming up with anything new at all.
Plus I’ve gotten really sick this week, so now it’s a combination of feeling sick and wanting to not do anything at all and then feeling bad because I’ve sort of put this off because I’m sick…procrastination machine!

Anyway, I’m going to have a snack, another cup of tea, and I’m going to find every sheet of paper from this project and all the notes from it and re-group. I need to re-read and re-write all of the notes I’ve gotten on this whole project and start again. And I need to somehow get more enthused – NOT that I’m not excited or enthusiastic, but I’m just down on myself for not being able to come up with more quality things quicker…

I’ll come back with more organized things! Hooray!

Airplanes, Airplanes Everywhere!

I’m getting more and more excited about working on this airline design project. I’m going to start off with general research and picture finding (what do airlines entail? what do current ones look like? who is most successful? what designs have changed, haven’t changed, why? etc. etc. etc.)

Then I’ll decide what niche market I’m making for my airline (kids? people with disabilities? tailored to elderly travelers? families? teenagers?). Then design statements, mood boards, inspirations, initial ideation.

Then lots of work. Then, the end result will most likely be a large ‘process book’, a smaller, more general presentation, and then updates to portfolios and what not.


An idear!

As I mentioned in one of my weekend adventure posts, I was really inspired and excited by an idear (har-har)I had from someone featured in the film Helvetica. Michael C. Place (of Build, London, according to the official Helvetica stills website) was the one that said his dream design job would be to design an entire airline. I thought that all the details involved in something like that sound pretty fun to design, too, so I’m going to be following his ‘prompt’ and create an imaginary airline – inspired by Helvetica!

I made a quick list and I think that an airline includes all of the following:

  • luggage and check in desk
  • kiosks/ticketing
  • uniforms
  • plane itself (exterior branding, colors)
  • plane layout – seating, colors, etc.
  • menus for in-flight food (sort of an important selling point?)
  • in-flight entertainment
  • baggage claim upon landing
  • little trucks that drive bags all over

Simple Geometry

I’ve been trying to narrow down my ‘design aesthetic’ by doing my best to analyze what I like so much about other people’s designs and graphics. Thus far, I have narrowed everything down to simple, geometric shapes, lines, layers of opacity, and ‘pure’ colors (I like ALL colors but I like them best if they aren’t ‘dusty’ or ‘pale’ or anything like that; more ‘saturated’ I guess? Okay, like pink is okay but dusty rose that looks moldy is not.)

The simpler the graphic, the more I most likely like it. And the same with product design – simple, clean lines, and then usually a really cool screw or gromet or detail of some sort and I’m sold!

Now, let me show you an example of a graphic/iconic style I can’t get enough of. Always With Honor is a is a ‘design collective’ run by Tyler Lang and Elsa Chaves. Their mission is to “create work that simplifies, synthesizes and clarifies” and it is very much what I want to do/strive to do with my work, also. Here are some samples of their work from their portfolio:

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