4 thoughts on “Working On: A New Personal Brand

  1. the dk says:

    Hi Emma,

    What a nice little journey. I tried my hand at creating the logo for our new company earlier this year too. I am by no means a designer (however my newly created alter-ego may purport to be) but with video tutorial after video tutorial and many hours learning a bit of Photoshop, I finally came up with something my wife and I could agree on.

    I do like your experimenting and seeing into your thoughts and processes for what you finally came up with. I have an incredible amount of respect for what you designer types accomplish, and, what I think is even more impressive, create. For when people see a creation, be it a design, wallpaper, business card, logo, and it “makes sense” it all seems so easy. It is all too easy to forget that many hours of thought, coupled with months, years, lifetimes of training, fiddling and experimenting actually went into it.

    I wish you well and look forward to seeing more, and perhaps learning more, of the creative side of the world!

    Best regards,


    • Emma Thea says:


      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I think that creating logos is challenging, but even more so when you’re designing for yourself. I personally use Adobe Illustrator instead of Photoshop to do a lot of my graphic design; I think it’s faster and easier to use. I’m glad someone enjoyed reading about my process! As you mentioned, a ton of work does go into the final design and I just wanted to do a decent job of documenting all the steps I go through.

      There will definitely be more posts like this as I continue to work on my business cards.
      Thanks again!

      • the dk says:

        Hi Emma,

        I suppose now I will have to dedicate a bit more time to learning Ai… 🙂 I hope that time will present itself soon.
        Right now I am working on our websites and saturating myself with everything new I have to read. I go to a forum for a simple problem and it opens up a veritable can of worms as I go from that forum to a blog to read about something the first forum mentioned, and then to another help page to find out about something the blog mentioned….sometimes I feel I should just put down the shovel.

        I guess, however, I am a glutton for information and punishment at times.

        Keep’em coming!


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