What I’ve Been Up To

This weekend was my ‘fall break’; a little mini-holiday from school. I’ll be returning to classes tomorrow, and back to more in-depth posts (apologies, apologies).
I’ve been on ‘vacay’ – but I’ve still been busy!
Things I did this weekend:

  • Added to this blog/website! The ‘home’ page is now a static ‘welcome’ page, and all of the blog content is under ‘Blog’
  • Added a contact form to the ‘Contact’ page! So great! You can try it out here.
  • Worked diligently on my 2011 ‘brand’ – i.e. what all of my different output will look like for next year (business cards, logos, favicons, text, etc. etc.) (Scroll down for the new color palette)
  • Started to re-work some old projects for my portfolio (the Vim project is first on the list for new additions)
  • Practiced some new Illustrator skills (like this and all of these)
  • Got a flat tire fixed
  • Bought a wig for my Halloween costume; I’m going to be an Egyptian!
  • Organized files on my computer (very therapeutic)
  • Started watching season #4 of Dexter

Emma Thea Hoop 2k11 color palette

Pretty, right? I’m trying to use more bold and ‘lively’ colors for the new year. And I’m leaning in a much simpler and geometric direction.

new Vim logo - much improved!

So fluid! So full of motion! So much improved over the first ‘final’ logo idea!
I think this insinuates ‘motion’ and ‘bicycles’ and the ‘brand message’ much much much better than the original. I also plan to make a lot of website improvements, add on some interesting and fun new features (customizable page for bags, galleries and other cool built-in functionality). I also want to (at least) think about point of purchase display for stores and how/what the packaging and tags and tissue paper and what-have-you would be needed for shipped products from the online store.


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