Weekly Start Up?!

Another week! Woo! I’m slowly, but surely, getting the hang of more regular posting (again). Lot’s of exciting stuff happening around here – many new projects to start, many old projects to keep working on. My ‘Math + Design’ series is debuting this week (watch for it on Wednesday) – it’s taken me a long time because I have to make all the ‘math’ words more creative and to ensure I really really know what it is I’m explaining. Art Education will be back this week, too after a very brief hiatus this past week (yay, Roman art!).

Over the weekend, I found out about a ‘visual internship’ at a store I really like. The design team there works 40 hours a week making cool stuff for the interior displays. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, and something I’m really interested in! I’ve been working hard on a new resume and cover letter over the weekend. There is, as with everything ‘professional design’ related, a lot of discrepancies about The Best Way to make a resume. I don’t understand why ‘designers’ are so critical of one another; a lot of articles I read were really downers – “If you’re using Times New Roman, then how can you call yourself a designer?!” Ugh! Geesh!

Anyway, resumes and cover letters and being professional is tricky. But I know that with more practice, the easier it will become!

Now you can feast your eyes on this strange and wondrous project from Duth designer Sjored Vroonland called “Kapstokstoel” from his series “Revised Craft” from designboom.

Happy Monday & hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

PS. Did some new graphics and fiddling around with my tumblr theme! I’ll probably be using what I did there to make changes here in the near future.


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