My New Gap

Eh, sorry guys, didn’t know what to title this one… But hey! Here’s a fresh concept!

my entry!

Well, I whipped that one up pretty quick! Here’s my first entry/idea for the Gap Redesign on ISO50 I wrote about.

I went with the iconic navy blue on a plain background. I wanted to create something simple and modern, since that’s the direction it seems they’re trying to approach with their use of Helvetica in their new logo. I didn’t just make a blue square on the computer and drop in a font; I sketched this out first, then moved it into Illustrator and pen-tooled around it. Then there was some moving of proportions, etc. and ta-da!

Not very difficult or time consuming, but much better than their new logo. Because anything is better than their new logo.

I plan on taking some time to do another one here in a minute for fun; one that’s a little bit more “out there”.



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