Stained-Glass-Window Progress!

Remember that time I said I started a project? Well, I did! And I'm making progress! I had a helper trim out the posterboard frame, complete with some finicky measurements ((the window isn't actually a square – it's 29.5" x 31.5")). Next step in the process is to attach two 12" x 24" sheets of vellum, then trace the above pattern into each of the four quadrants. THEN comes the fun painting, which I'll be using as a break inbetween bouts of school work all weekend. After doing a lot of material testing (acrylic paint, watercolors, Sharpies, colored pencils, pens, etc.), I plan on doing all the "lead"-in-between-seams in bold, black acrylic paint and then the panes in watercolor. As per request, I'm going to attempt to do facets on all the different panes. Whew! Exciting.

Ps. The colors in the above Illustrator pattern probably aren't the final colors. Jussayin.

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