I am excited that I have discovered ‘copywriting’ – i.e. the writing that goes into headlines and body text of advertisements and annual reports and all of that. I’ve always know about it, but didn’t realize that it was something that you could specifically learn more about (always assumed it was people that were good at writing…that just got to keep writing at a design firm somehow? Like, “Hey, John, you’re good with words – write up this thing, OK? No one else wants to do it.”). I’ve been browsing through the Portfolio Center and Creative Circus websites, and they both look really great. I love all of the class descriptions for Portfolio Center – typography, emotive writing, “creative sparks”, lyrical writing, etc. I’ve always thought that I was great at thinking and brainstorming! And writing! It feels so refreshing to find something that seems like such a perfect fit, that lights a fire in my chest, and gets my brain gears grinding again. I truly enjoy writing, and sometimes people say that I’m good at it, so I feel like this is so right. If I wasn’t going to make it as an industrial designer (read: have anyone accept me into a design program with my only prior experience being one measly painting class in high school and the ability to make clothes for stuffed animals out of a box of Kleenex, crayons, and clear tape), I was going to major in English (got accepted on a decent scholarship to Butler! Woo!). Now it isn’t just “graduate with Tech and…..” (I hate the “…” part!); it’s “Hey, graduate, apply for jobs, see what happens, maybe someone will employ me but don’t forget that I could LEARN TO BE A COOL-CAT COPYWRITER!”
I’m going to start practicing 🙂

One thought on “Copywriting!

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