Week Two: Clearing the Path

Did I mention that I deduced that I am a ‘warm’ person?

If you are “Warm” you may find it hard to let go of things and feel an strong sense of attachment to both objects and people. This is your strength and your weakness. You are a feeling person and as much as you may love all your stuff and feel that the very “character” of your home is made up of it, you will overlook the degree to which it may be bringing you down, burdening you with weight (both real and psychic) and otherwise getting in the way of THINGS YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. That’s the important thing – doing those things you want to do.

Your goal? Attach yourself to the dreams, plans and people that really matter by letting go of the old stuff.

I know that I have a lot of things I don’t need at all, but that I might need at some point or that I don’t want to get rid of because of ‘memories’.

Anyhoo, so now that I’ve essentially determined my ‘vision’ and put a lot of the pictures of it in one place, I am ready for week #2 of ‘Clearing the Path’. This is the first week that we focus on getting rid of things and using the ‘Outbox’.

Here’s the list of things to accomplish for this week:
1. Fix one thing in the apartment from the list of repairs ourselves
2. Clean the kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food
3. Buy a water filter and use it

1. Run your hands over every wall in your apartment
2. Clear space for an ‘Outbox’
3. Clear one surface using the ‘Outbox’

1. Buy fresh flowers
2. Determine your style

1. Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home
2. Choose the date for your housewarming party
(“graduation” from the cure, at the end of the whole eight weeks)

And the One-Room Remedy:
1. Decided what activities you want in your room & where they will go
2. Buy, borrow, or make a floor plan tool
3. Map out the room that bothers you most and work out a solution
4. Name your vision
5. Build a shopping list

I’m still not sure if the ‘one-room remedy’ is meant to be the same one room the whole time or not, so for this week I’d like to focus on the office AND the bedroom because I’ve already half-way started both of them. I don’t really know how well that’s going to work out, but we’ll see! I’m going to do some extra reading and then make a schedule of all this stuff that needs to get done, so I’ll update more later.

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