Week 2 Progress

1. Fix one thing in the apartment from the list of repairs ourselves
(mounting the doorbell ringer and taking off the Pur water filter attached to the kitchen sink that doesn’t work 100% efficiently)
2. Clean the kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food
3. Buy a water filter and use it (got out the old Pur pitcher and filled it up!)

1. Run your hands over every wall in your apartment
2. Clear space for an ‘Outbox’ (the corner in the ‘office’ because it’s out-of-the-way-enough)
3. Clear one surface using the ‘Outbox’ (cleared off the little cafe table in the living room)

1. Buy fresh flowers (got two small bouquets on sale – so two for $5 sunshiney yellow and white flowers)
2. Determine your style (according to the book I am “modern: contemporary” which is a ‘catchall’ for people that can’t decide on one modern movement, but I think that I am more ‘Scandinavian with and American Grandmother’ because I like a lot of bright, birch wood grain and white stuff, but also a little vintage-treasure-finds, too – PLUS I like almost all of the industrial design classics like the egg chair, tulip chair, etc. etc. etc.)

1. Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home (planning on making an Alfredo pizza with spinach tonight)
2. Choose the date for your housewarming party ((August 6th, Friday night of summer finals week))
(“graduation” from the cure, at the end of the whole eight weeks)

And the One-Room Remedy:
1. Decided what activities you want in your room & where they will go
2. Buy, borrow, or make a floor plan tool
3. Map out the room that bothers you most and work out a solution
4. Name your vision
5. Build a shopping list

I’m also starting on the FlyLady ‘Beginner Baby Steps’ – tonight is #1 and I’m supposed to shine my sink before I go to bed.

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