Haus Therapy: The Vision

What is my overall goal for working on my house? I mean, why am I doing this anyway? I realized that I haven’t defined this all the way yet, and that writing it out will provide more motivation and inspiration – the two things that I want to find daily in my home, anyway!

In my personal life, I am trying to maintain motivation to work through projects, classes, and things that I am not interested in (read: unrelated to my major) to reach the most important end-goal: graduation from Georgia Tech. I also have to balance school with a healthy relationship with my significant other, friends, and my lovely, absolutely adorable guinea pigs 🙂

My house is a duplex; a ranch house split into two very long, narrow apartments – with each room connected to the next in a very straight path. This set up is beneficial in the sense that there are very clear divisions in rooms and ‘areas’ – the office has a clear area, the living room, and so on. However, this long, narrow set-up is different from my last plan that was more square – with each room connecting to each other in a box. I like the ability to truly divide things into each region, but I wish that the living space overall felt more open and airy. I want the house to be creative, inspirational, organized, open, and colorful. I want the space to reflect my artistic nature and taste in design, without being too crowded or overbearing or cluttered. I want the bedroom, bathroom, and living room to be appropriately relaxing and serene. Texture is something I would like to add more of to my living area; more layers, more textures, more fabrics and feelings and depth.

Here are some pictures of living spaces that really inspire me:

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