An idear!

As I mentioned in one of my weekend adventure posts, I was really inspired and excited by an idear (har-har)I had from someone featured in the film Helvetica. Michael C. Place (of Build, London, according to the official Helvetica stills website) was the one that said his dream design job would be to design an entire airline. I thought that all the details involved in something like that sound pretty fun to design, too, so I’m going to be following his ‘prompt’ and create an imaginary airline – inspired by Helvetica!

I made a quick list and I think that an airline includes all of the following:

  • luggage and check in desk
  • kiosks/ticketing
  • uniforms
  • plane itself (exterior branding, colors)
  • plane layout – seating, colors, etc.
  • menus for in-flight food (sort of an important selling point?)
  • in-flight entertainment
  • baggage claim upon landing
  • little trucks that drive bags all over

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