This weekend I:

  • bought a tripod for $15! Yay!
  • organized the ‘home office’
  • cleared my desk off and am currently using it 🙂
  • bought a white quilt for $15! Yay!
  • enjoyed some time with friends
  • spent some fun quality time with the boyfriend
  • watched Helvetica, which was incredibly interesting (mostly to hear how some people want to use as many fonts as possible, some designers say “4 or less” and some only ever use Helvetica only!!!)
  • met the new next-door-neighbors

So, this week, I am busy with school and I have a test on Friday. I am, however, really inspired by something someone said in the movie Helvetica when he said his dream design job would be to design all the details of an airline – seats, uniforms, little trucks, etc. I think that’s what I’ll do for myself this summer – the branding and design of an airline just for fun! Sounds wacky, but awesome.

And of course, I need to start posting my own beautiful pictures of all the house work and progress I’ve been making with The Cure – easier now with my tripod!

One thought on “This weekend I:

  1. […] Jun As I mentioned in one of my weekend adventure posts, I was really inspired and excited by an idear (har-har)I had from someone featured in the film […]

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