The Concept of “Doing” vs. “Catching Up”

I’m doing the eight step home cure, that I’ve written about before, and right now I’m reading about the FLYlady – who sends out daily emails of things to do to keep your house and life under control (which, honestly, sounds more like I can barely keep anything together – but the true intention of FLYlady is just to ‘fine-detail’ clean your house in small steps so that you never have to do a ‘Spring Clean’ of taking a week off and cleaning every single small thing you own). Anyway, something that immediately stuck out to me was this quote –

“You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?”

Those words are some of the most refreshing things I’ve EVER heard. I am not behind! I am not rushing to keep up because I only recently heard about FLYlady – I just need to start working right where I am! I’m hoping that this concept will provide me with some personal peace of mind, and that I can remind myself of it often.

In relation to design, which everything is somehow related (especially here, of course), it is nice to just think – “just make something, instead of thinking that you are behind all the other people making things.” Now that I’m not in a ‘creative’ class, I feel that I should be doing so much more designing because I’m not required by a class to make things.

Oh, I’m distracted by wanting to read more about the FLYlady, so I feel my thoughts trailing off – but I wanted to make a little note of this simple ‘doing’ concept right now.


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