DwellStudio for Target

Forgive me, I am very very behind on jumping on the “Yay! I love Dwell Studio! I love Target! I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!” bandwagon – but, hey, I AM HERE NOW. I was strolling Target yesterday, for fun, but also to check out their storage stuff because I am considering putting a row of baskets at the bottom of my bookcase to hold junk and spray paint (very Ikea of me). Anyhoo, since I’ve been focusing on the bedroom as my ‘One Room’ (which I am still confused if that is one room for the whole eight weeks of the cure, or one for each week?) – I browsed the duvets, comforters, and bed linens area and I am in love with the DwellStudio for Target collection that is out right now. Beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. Amazing color combinations and patters, and not nearly as expensive as their regular collections (the ones not sold at Target, you know). Buying one of their sets is very much on my list and ‘Style Tray’s now! Here are some photographs of their beauty:

In particular, I really liked this mostly white pattern with chocolate brown, light yellow, and pink accents and I feel sort of embarrassed now – since all I could do in the store was sort of shake my head and repeat “I hate pink, but I love this, I HATE pink, but I love this!”


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