The Cure!

I got my copy of Apartment Therapy eight-step home cure a few days earlier than I thought, so I’m pretty excited! I’ve already read through the introduction and the important part of the first week’s step. Since I rent one half of a house – a duplex – and I am merely a college student, it will be interesting to see how well I can implement this plan without a large budget.

For the first week, the plan wants me to:

  1. Make a complete list of repairs and their solutions
  2. Vacuum and mop all the floors
  3. Remove one item from my apartment FOREVER
  4. Buy fresh flowers as a ‘gift to myself and my home’
  5. Sit for ten minutes in a part of my home I never sit in

And also, focus on one room in particular and:

  1. Gather pictures of rooms I love like it (I LOVE DOING THAT!)
  2. Start a ‘Style Tray’ – a literal serving tray you put all of your pictures onto so that you can see them
  3. Visit my favorite home store and look at pretty things in real life
  4. Set a budget!

The best tip I’ve found budget-wise is to concentrate the $$$ in one room, instead of acting like you can split it into lots of little bits and improve many rooms with less $. Seems wise, since you’d be getting a more dramatic bang-for-your-buck in that location.

I plan on doing the walk-through for the repair list tomorrow, as well as the vacuuming and mopping. The room I need to sit in for 10 minutes is either the ‘nook’ or the front sun room, since I rarely use either and I usually just pass through both of them. I will most likely be getting rid of a table of some kind, since I have many tables at the same height, and not a use for so many… The first ‘One Room’ I need to work on is probably the bedroom, since I don’t sleep well and that room should be peaceful and relaxing and it is most definitely not either of those things right now!

So, by next Thursday I will have done all of these things to stay on track with the plan. I feel like this is exactly the book and assistance I needed, because I don’t doubt that I can pick stylish furniture and artwork – but I do doubt that I know how to arrange things in my home in the most efficient manner.


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