I’ve been thinking about new and unique ways to do portfolio/press-kit/the-rest-of-my-life-graphic-design-of-my-product-design-work, and I thought about die cut stickers. I wonder if stickers cut into the shape of my amazingggg product design concepts would be very cool, very lame, or somewhere in between? I recently read this article about making a ‘press kit’ and it seems like it would be a whole lot of fun to design one (especially since I’m still confused about the ‘professionality’ scale of a portfolio). Anyway, just a quick thought. I haven’t researched prices at all yet, just quickly glanced at this website that specializes in die cut stickers (it’s their name even!).

I’m also a little bit antsy to do some new stuff and get it up on my website. Every time I look at it, I’m pretty proud of it so far, but it needs an update!


One thought on “Sticky?

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