Simple Geometry

I’ve been trying to narrow down my ‘design aesthetic’ by doing my best to analyze what I like so much about other people’s designs and graphics. Thus far, I have narrowed everything down to simple, geometric shapes, lines, layers of opacity, and ‘pure’ colors (I like ALL colors but I like them best if they aren’t ‘dusty’ or ‘pale’ or anything like that; more ‘saturated’ I guess? Okay, like pink is okay but dusty rose that looks moldy is not.)

The simpler the graphic, the more I most likely like it. And the same with product design – simple, clean lines, and then usually a really cool screw or gromet or detail of some sort and I’m sold!

Now, let me show you an example of a graphic/iconic style I can’t get enough of. Always With Honor is a is a ‘design collective’ run by Tyler Lang and Elsa Chaves. Their mission is to “create work that simplifies, synthesizes and clarifies” and it is very much what I want to do/strive to do with my work, also. Here are some samples of their work from their portfolio:


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