*Just a little advice about Firestone

Please think twice about taking your vehicle to a Firestone or a Firestone affiliate when you need quality car repairs. I took my car to a Firestone in Tennessee on Sunday to get some brake parts replaced, and then yesterday my brakes failed as I tried to stop going down a hill AND RAN A RED LIGHT. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt, but I could have been seriously injured, or injured other people, or ruined a lot of property with my wildly out-of-control car. You see, it turns out that my brake lines were either significantly deteriorated OR the people at Firestone in TN never closed the valves and I lost all my fluid. Either way, they should have realized this and fixed it on Sunday – before I drove all the way back to Georgia over various MOUNTAINS and such.

The Firestone in Atlanta has been nice, and have given me discounts on both the towing and the brake line replacement (free parts!) – however, they have not paid for my taxi home, nor can they give me back the 6+ hours that I spent dealing with this debacle yesterday.

This is not the first bad story that I have heard about a Firestone – someone else I know had their engine blow up because the Firestone mechanic forgot to re-attach their oil hose! Hello! Important detail!

So, please, think twice about trusting Firestone with your car, and consequently, your life. I’m incredibly lucky that I wasn’t hurt and that I didn’t hurt anyone.



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