Haus Clutter

I am thrilled that my copy of Apartment Therapy’s ‘the Cure’ book has been shipped! It should be here in two days or so. It’s a book that outlines 8 simple steps to make “homes more beautiful, organized and healthy in just eight weeks” and it’s something that I think would be really useful in this new place. After living in my old apartment for two years (two whole years!), I had finally figured out the best layouts and decorations and everything. Now it’s daunting to have to start all over again and I’m hoping that this book will help! According to the reviews, it’s more about getting things down to what you want them to be, all while eliminating junk and clutter so peace of mind and ease of open home space. I appreciate that the whole point of the book is to figure out what I personally need in a space, not what I want, not what a blog or picture or ‘designer of expertise in the interior field’ thinks I need/want, so that’ll be great. I’m all about pairing down and understanding my own essentials (whoa, right?) – so I’ll let you know how this 8-week process goes!


One thought on “Haus Clutter

  1. Zenerx says:

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